The Future of Accessories Sales

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(Publishers note: Here at Dealer Marketing Magazine, we recently heard about an amazing tool for accessories sales called AddOnAuto. We requested that Sidney Haider, vice president of izmocarsexplain a bit more about how it works and how it can add profit to your car deals.)

If you could add an average of 475 dollars to every car deal, would you do it? If you said yes, then you need to check out AddOnAuto from izmocars. Dealers know that accessories can significantly add to the profit in a car deal; many, however, have had difficulty with their accessories sales. With this new tool, and consulting from AddOnAuto, dealers have been able to realize an average of 475 dollars in extra gross per vehicle with accessories sales.

It takes an average of four hours to sell a car, but with AddOnAuto (AOA), it only takes 10 minutes to add 475 dollars in revenue from accessories sales. The idea is that accessories should be marketed in a way that engages the consumer. In the past, accessories have usually been promoted either through a catalog or card—or sometimes with just a price sheet that has no information about the product and nothing to engage the customer.

Most customers are in the dealership to buy a car, so the way in which information about accessories is shared with them is important. We developed the AOA solution to not only let customers easily shop for accessories in the dealership and have easy access to all product information, but also to enable them to add almost any accessory available, visually, onto a digital image of a vehicle—leather, body kits, navigation systems, whatever interests them, the system allows customers to visually add it to the exact vehicle they’re buying.

The AOA tool not only engages the consumer, but also provides all the backend tools to enable the entire dealership to create a successful process for presenting and selling accessories, as well as to fulfill the sale. And while kiosks can be effective, there are many other creative options for presentation—and the entire dealership should be involved. Too many companies focus on kiosks, which customers often don’t use. Think about a crowded airport. How many times have you seen a line snaking around the terminal and still barely any travelers are using the ticket kiosks? Some of our most successful dealer customers have modeled their accessories departments after the apple store model, others utilize dedicated areas with plasma screens.

There are three points of contact for the customer at the dealership: the showroom floor, the service bay, and the dealership website. While AOA provides a solution for all these locations, the location with the biggest impact on revenue is the showroom, because when a customer is buying a car his/her wallet is open the widest, and with AOA, the accessories can be financed right into the car purchase. In fact, AOA automatically adjusts customers’ payments as they digitally add each accessory to their chosen vehicle.

Service departments are also showing a revenue impact from AOA. Instead of killing time in a boring waiting room, service departments can use AOA to provide customers with an engaging tool to help them visualize what their car would look like with the addition of interior or exterior accessories. Whether or not service customers buy any products, it is fun for them to play with the tool, seeing how accessories can transform the look and functionality of their vehicle. Instead of spending 10-15 minutes thinking about what their repair bill will be, they can play around with the tool and see what kinds of accessories are available to add to their vehicle…and, as results from our dealerships prove, they just may end up buying.

Some dealers benefit from adding the AOA tool to their website, which enhances the customer experience, because customers can virtually add accessories either to their existing vehicle or to the vehicles they are interested in buying from the comfort of their computer. This web version of AOA for dealers has a “personal garage” concept where customers can actually build their car, save it, and come back to it over time and change its look with the accessories tool. These customers can add multiple cars to their online “garage.”

Customers are already buying accessories—they are just not buying them from dealers. By adding AddOnAuto to your dealership toolkit, you can capture your fair share of accessories sales, while increasing the overall pie of accessories sold. This is because dealers sell mostly to customers who would not otherwise have purchased accessories, or if they purchased at an independent shop, those customers generally would have spent much less.

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