The Future of Direct Response Direct Mail

We live in a technological age of speed and convenience. Most people receive their bills via email and pay them online. Knowing this, why are you still using tired direct-mail campaigns that are 30 percent as effective as they potentially could be?

As you have learned in previous editions of this magazine, Traffic Jam Events has married direct mail with technology to make it more efficient and convenient. In addition, our call-center allows consumers to make instant contact with one of our trained call-center representatives and set an appointment to come into the dealership. Our call-center is staffed and managed on site in the United States of America, so we are able to capitalize on several different advantages.

First, it lends tremendous credibility to the offer when customers speak to a live representative confirming the information in the mailer they received. Next, we are able to gather valuable information that can help in the sales process as well as future dealership marketing campaigns. For example we determine what the customer is driving, is there a pay off and, if so, how much, do they have a down payment, and lastly what type of vehicle are they in the market to buy? In addition to this information, we gather additional phone numbers and emails.
With our technology, we are able to compile this data and push it directly into your Dealer CRM in ADF_XML format. That’s right! Update your current customers’ phone numbers, addresses, even emails. Next, we take this info and compile it into your current Dealer Management System. Now you are effectively and efficiently using your advertising dollars and creating new advertising opportunities and maximizing ROI.

As an added convenience our system integrates with Google maps so we are able to click a button and give your customer street by street directions to your dealership, creating a true concierge service.

One of the things that hinders people from coming into the dealership after receiving your direct mail offer is that they are skeptical about the validity of the offer. By introducing a live call center rep into the equation we diffuse their skepticism and this is how Traffic Jam Events has raised their average campaign response up to five percent. Real numbers. By raising the response we have created more “at bats” and we all know the more at bats the more opportunities to score!

If you want to see the future of direct-response mail, just look at where Traffic Jam Events™ is today!

David Jeansonneis the president of Traffic Jam Events. For more information, please visit or feel free to contact him personally at 866-677-3702.

David Jeansonneis


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