The Future of Wholesale Car Buying

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Dealerships need high-quality, used vehicles to sell to their customers. Some of those vehicles come from trade ins, but if dealers want to stock in-demand and luxury vehicles they need to source them from somewhere and for many that means auto auctions. Wholesale, auto auctions, are far from a perfect solution, however. With traditional auctions, dealers need to go through the time consuming process of travelling to the auction, inspecting the vehicles they’re interested in, and then waiting around until it’s time to bid. After all that, they cross their fingers and hope there aren’t any surprises in store once the service department does a close inspection—with the internet now a part of daily life, you would think there was a better way. Now there is…

If you’ve ever shopped for cars on eBayMotors, you will recognize the format: lots of pictures and information, lists sortable by make, model, year, and many other characteristics. You can also save vehicles to come back to in the future or create a “want” list of vehicles if what you’re searching for isn’t available and you will be notified when one becomes available. Unlike eBayMotors, however, is focused primarily on in-demand, high-end vehicles and is available only to franchise auto dealers—and it has come along at just the right time.

Fewer new vehicle purchases over the last few years have caused high-quality used vehicles to become harder to find and more expensive. Mercifully the trend is beginning to turn around as new car purchases increase and free up more used inventory. The tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, and consumers holding onto their vehicles for longer in general, however, means lean inventory may be a reality for longer than any of us would like.

Unfortunately we can’t change the weather or foresee what future events may affect the auto industry, but we can change the way we do things to become more efficient and profitable. Perhaps in this case we should learn a lesson from our customers. They have moved their shopping, including their vehicle shopping, online. Today’s customers search for vehicles on and eBayMotors, they research on Google and they bid and buy directly online. If it works for our customers, why haven’t we tried it ourselves?

Dealers who sign up for can access and purchase their inventory of over 10,000 wholesale vehicles twenty-four hours a day. These high-quality vehicles are available, because across the country, there are vehicles on the wrong lots. Now, instead of having vehicles sit on dealership lots for months and months, because they are not a match for the dealership’s customer base, those cars can be put on

Most vehicles on are CPO and all are screened for low mileage, in warranty, accident free, front line ready, and a clean title. You don’t have to waste time accessing Black Book, NADA, Carfax, or AutoCheck either; they’re all available right there with each vehicle listing. What’s more, you can print the Monroney labels right off their site without having to search to find the exact, year, make, model, trim of the car you purchase.

Buying wholesale vehicles from the comfort of your office is a much more comfortable way to purchase used inventory than the current auction situation, but the real value lies in’s ability to bring you in-demand, high-end, used inventory at a reasonable price, with all the information you need to make an informed decision. It’s the Bentley of auto auctions—comfortable and powerful!

Cliff Varn is the vice president of sales for For more information call 678-462-5159 or visit

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