The Most Amazing Auto Shows Around the World

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When speed is your poison and you simply cannot stay away from the roads, you are the breed of humans usually referred to as an auto addict. Automobile manufacturers across the world are coming up with astonishing automobiles. They are sleek, they are powerful, they command attention and they are even environment friendly. They are pretty much the whole package of all things good. And where do these bold beauties get unraveled before they hit the markets?

Auto shows. They are becoming glitzier, more adventurous and more glamorous by the year. And in this post, we look at the most amazing auto shows that revealed the most fantastic cars to hit the market as well as those that are about to come in the market but are already making headlines.

The Chicago Auto Show

The Big Black and Beautiful BMW Sedan

A massive auto show, this is the place to be for SUV and truck dealers. The temperatures were freezing but there was enough heat generated by the speed machines to keep the media, the consumers and the dealers on their toes. It was the place to be to get a hint of what is about to unfold in the auto industry in the upcoming months.

Auto manufacturers have realized the need and scope for electric cars. Hybrid and electric cars are not really an anomaly anymore. And this was only reasserted with the unveiling of the sassy Kia Soul Ev . This trendy looking vehicle can turn into an electric hatchback and is at par with other EV’s like Nissan Leaf. However the buzz from Kia is that some prototypes manage far more than 100 miles per charge.

Other vehicles unveiled in this show that are being touted to create a stir in the market include the Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner, the Subaru Legacy and the much talked about Lincoln Navigator. North America’s largest auto show also served as a debut stage for the BMW diesel 7-series which was a major crowd puller, but fell a little short in front of its chicer cousin BMW i8.

The sprawling auto show is a good bet for auto dealers to know what to expect from the manufacturers and consumers in the coming months, and not to mention the adrenaline rush every car enthusiast is going to experience here is unparalleled.

The New York Auto Show

Jaguar XJR: All Set to Redefine Powerfully Chic

This most glamorous auto show is a favorite with all auto aficionados and especially among jeep lovers. While 2013 witnessed the grand debut and display of the super powerful and simply stunning Jaguar XJR , Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport, Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 and many more, the 2014 show (April 16-April 27) to be held in the Big Apple is already creating some big flutters throughout the industry. The most awaited debut is of the 2015 BMW X4. The X4 comes as a more elegant, coupe-like take on the X3 crossover. Style, luxury, performance and breakthrough concepts is what everybody is expecting form the New York Auto Show this year. Be there to experience all the action and all the adventure unfold before you.

The Detroit Auto Show

The king of all auto shows, this is the most important auto show in the US with maximum attendance. It also receives the maximum attention from local and international media alike. If you are in the business of automobiles, you simply cannot afford to miss this one. This year it was held in mid-January from 13th to 26th. The show stealer of the event was definitely the 2015 Ford F-150 with the much hyped aluminum body which makes this colossal vehicle much lighter. Smaller pickups made a stylish comeback here with the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Chevrolet didn’t cease to impress either with its 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. General Motors Product Boss called it “the big nasty” and car enthusiasts went gaga over the supercharging (rather than naturally aspirated) and the automatic transmission of the vehicle.

Auto dealers alert, Chrysler once again told us that their coil-sprung, diesel powered Ram 1500 is up for dealerships now.

The Geneva Auto Show

Ford Focus Hatchback- The Promise of Conquering the Roads

This auto show is all about tapping into the niche and eclectic automobile consumption market. If last year’s extravagance of Ferrari La Ferrari and Lamborghini Veneno had you asking for more, you will surely not be disappointed this year either. This show will be seeing the grand debuts of the updated Rolls Royce Ghost, 2015 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake, 2016 Audi, the Volkswagen Golf GTE and 2015 Ford Focus Hatchback.

The Geneva Auto Show promises lots of horse power and cars in all price segments this time. However what I am really looking forward to is the unveiling of the aircraft-influenced Hyundai Intrado concept.

For all you auto enthusiasts and dealers Geneva Auto Show, touted as the wildest auto show in Europe will be held from March 4 to March 16, 2014 and will show exactly which vehicles will be ruling the road in the coming years.

The Paris Auto Show

Suave and Sophisticated like everything else French this auto show is going to be held from October 2 to October 19, 2014. This is where the French automakers come out in all aplomb and show off all their finesse and innovation. This is the preview of tapping into the European and especially French automobile market.

What Auto Shows Offer for Dealers?

Auto shows generate buzz and excitement among potential customers and whets their appetite for new arrivals as well as innovations introduced in existing models. Long before the model arrives, there is a demand created. Participation in different forms by dealers obviously gives a boost to the sales. Besides, auto shows are also the best place to announce the opening of dealerships. A constant streamlining of the hits and misses of the auto show online is a good strategy for digital marketing by auto dealers. With two already done (Detroit and Chicago) and have created waves for the industry, auto dealers can only but look forward to the remaining three major auto shows with anticipation and excitement.

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