The Most Common and Costly Mobile SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

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When it comes to SEO, most automotive dealers only think about their primary website and overlook their mobile site. Unfortunately, considering the amount of mobile traffic most automotive dealers are seeing these days, ignoring mobile SEO means you’re also ignoring a large portion of potential customers.

In fact, Google has recently announced its plans to improve the online search experience for mobile users. Soon, mobile websites that aren’t configured properly for smartphone users, will have to contend with new ranking changes and could risk disappearing from mobile search results.

To help you transition your dealership’s mobile presence smoothly, let’s discuss the two most common and costly mobile SEO mistakes, and how to avoid them.

1. Faulty Redirects

What is a faulty redirect? This occurs when a smartphone user lands on a desktop page, and is redirected to a smartphone-optimized site, but on an entirely different page that is irrelevant to their original search query.

Let’s say your customer is searching for a particular car on their mobile phone. They type a search query and one of your pages is shown as an option. Your potential buyer clicks the link and instead of going to that page, she is redirect to the home page. This is would be considered a faulty redirect.

This type of redirect literally interrupts the workflow of users hoping to quickly view your inventory. Many will become annoyed with trying to find what they’re searching for on your website, and leave altogether (potentially visiting a competitor’s website instead).

2. Smartphone-Only Errors

This is another common mobile website SEO misconfiguration mistake. This is when a site allows desktop users to view content on a particular URL, but shows smartphone users an error page instead.

Here are some effective tips for avoiding smartphone-only errors:

  • Let’s say your site recognizes a mobile device user accessing a desktop page. That user needs to be redirected to an equivalent page, at another URL on your smartphone-friendly website. Never redirect these users to a 404 page instead.
  • If a smartphone-friendly version of that page doesn’t exist, allow mobile users to view the desktop version, not an error page. It’s much better to allow mobile visitors the opportunity to access and view the content they were searching for online, rather than an error page or irrelevant content.
  • Another common mobile website SEO mistake is the mishandling of Googlebot-Mobile. In many cases, Googlebot-Mobile for smartphones gets improperly redirected to your mobile optimized site, which again redirects the users back to your desktop website. This is what Google considers to be an infinite redirect loop error.

The fact is, more and more of your potential customers are using their mobile devices to find their next automobile. Following mobile SEO best practices and staying ahead of the changes not only helps Google find and rank your dealership’s content better, but it also puts you in front of your customer, before the competition.

Bill Parlaman is the vice president of digital marketing for Stream Companies, the leading full service integrated automotive advertising agency. Want even more information on SEO? Watch the Truth about SEO Webinar at:



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