The Next Leap in Internet Marketing—Video Email

The internet has become the number one tool for consumers to research and purchase items in today’s world. When a consumer can see a product with the sales professional demonstrating the item in real time, two things happen: believability and trust. When you have those two components, the chances of selling a product increases drastically and the opportunity to hold more revenue also increases. In most cases by double!
In real world tests, the results have been amazing. In one new Honda store, for example, video email resulted in 100% communication with the customer after their inquiry, and, of those customers 90% actually came to the place of business and 80% purchased a vehicle. All the result of having that personal touch while interacting with the customer.
After this dealership started using video in their emails, some of the salespeople were surprised when people they had never seen before were waving at them as they pulled in the lot. The salespeople soon realized that these were the customers who had watched their video emails. This may have been their first trip to the dealership, but because of the video connection they made with the salesperson, they might as well have been “be back” customers
Not only is video email being used as a great selling tool to separate dealerships from the competition, but dealerships are using it in service and parts departments, no closes, customer testimonials, social media postings, and event advertising to their current customer email base. Video can benefit any part of the dealership that has to communicate with customers.
The best part of using video is that it doesn’t require any expertise. In fact, the more imperfect a video looks, the more real it looks! Consumers have been programmed to see professional looking videos with actors and big production budgets as advertisements and consumers don’t trust the claims made in advertisements. Having a video shot in real time and not polished shows the customer that it is not a fake. It was made by a real person and not embellished to make the vehicle appear better than it actually is—it’s real right now. No Hollywood production. You can meet the salesperson directly and actually see the product that is in front of them. Consumers can’t meet the person in a professional video nor see the actual product, only a similar example. Which type of video do you think will engender trust with consumers?
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