The Number One Problem Your Dealership Has, & You May Not Know It!

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With exception of the dealership being on fire, or a tornado bearing down on your lot, your biggest problem is probably hidden from your view. This is a problem that causes money (profit) to swirl out of your dealership like dishwater down a sink drain. Customers who have indicated they want to buy a car are driving to a competitor’s car lot, signing paperwork, and driving away in a car you did not sell them. These lost leads, who come to you via a multitude of sources, are flowing away like change through a hole in your pocket.

“No way!” you say. Wanna bet? Look closely at your leads that come from your website, your manufacturer’s website, AutoTrader,, etc. etc. Find out how many of them actually have a conversation with a member of your sales staff. The staff might say, “We reach 100% of them!” Bull pucky. Count all of the “they weren’t in,” or “left a voicemail,” or “didn’t return my email,” or “tried to get them for a week…no answer.” Ask your sales staff how many days they pursue a lead. They might tell you they chase a lead for a week or ten days before they give up. The actual average is two to three days. Many car sale processes take as long as four months now. Got any salespeople chasing the same lead for four months? Didn’t think so.

The truth is that car sales staffs are not set up to chase leads for days. Selling cars is a fast moving, fast turnover process. It’s not uncommon for a dealership to get three hundred leads per day, but lose 75% of those leads, because the customer doesn’t respond as quickly as we would want.

The number one problem in your dealership is lost opportunities. Hundreds of leads slip through your fingers and end up at other dealer’s showrooms to buy. So what are the solutions? An impractical one is to have your sales staff keep trying to contact leads for months on end until the lead is completely dead, or the customer buys are car. Another is a lead management solution like the software from

If you are an AVA dealership, the AVA software continues to chase leads for months, or until the customer tells AVA to stop. By never giving up on a lead, your dealership gets more opportunities to make a sale, and your salespeople spend more time closing sales than chasing leads. AVA can maintain an email conversation with hundreds of buyer prospects at the same time. Once the customer indicates they want to move to an appointment or test drive, AVA contacts your salesperson and connects that salesperson with the customer. For a flat monthly fee, your dealership can use AVA to stop losing leads and customers. Your dealership can even have AVA chase a group of “dead leads” and bring some of them back to life to buy a car.

As technology makes it possible to get more leads, technology can also make it possible to sell more of those leads. Do you want to solve your dealership’s number 1 problem? Call for a free AVA demo at 800-724-0165 or visit watch the video.

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