The Power of Partnerships

Collaboration—The dictionary defines it as one person or group working collectively with another person or group to reach a common goal. In the automotive business, we see examples of collaboration everywhere. The very vehicles you sell are a great example of a collaborative effort—after all, the teams that designed that sedan or SUV likely didn’t then head to the assembly line to put them together. The parts used to build the vehicles probably came from a multitude of suppliers.


We see so much collaboration in both our professional and private lives that we sometimes take it for granted. We know that certain suppliers have relationships with other organizations, and that those combined entities often produce greater value to their customers by combining strengths.


If you attend this year’s NADA event in Las Vegas, you will likely see more than a few examples of this. Just walk the exhibit floor, and you’ll see plenty of vendors who work together to provide an optimal solution. Social media companies working with website providers, software companies with hardware providers, and marketing experts with production companies are just a few examples. Walk the floor and you will see many more.


Collaboration is certainly essential for us. Early on, we realized that there were many chat vendors that dealerships could consider for their needs. So the question we asked ourselves was what could we do to offer more value to the dealerships? Our thinking was this: If we could collaborate with the major players in the online automotive space, then we could collaboratively develop a comprehensive chat solution which would be present at multiple steps along the shopping path.


Nice, but how does that help you? If your dealership has an advertising relationship with,,,, among others, your advertising package may include chat features powered by Contact At Once!. And, if you license Contact At Once! for your dealership's website, you can then use the same software to handle all of your chats regardless of the website from which car shoppers are contacting you.


Think about that—one chat solution that can cover all of your online bases. That means one system to implement and to use. That means reduced support costs, training sessions, and increased productivity. And, it means that as the online shopper begins looking for their next vehicle, there is a greater chance that they will be able to engage with you. If live chat is part of all of your listings, including those you’ve placed on third party listing sites and Craigslist, you’re making it easy for customers to connect with you on their terms.


When selecting a dealer chat vendor, ensure that your selection allows you to be present in as many places as possible along the shopper’s path.


Bill Sengstacken is director of marketing at dealer chat provider, Contact At Once! For more information, email





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