The Secret to Finding Your Next “Big Idea”

Hint: It Starts With A “C”

Are you a creative person? We assume your answer is, “No.” The majority of the adult population believes they are not creative, even though creativity is something everyone is born with. NASA tested groups of children for creativity and 95% of five year-olds tested as highly creative. Then years later as adults, only 2% of these same people tested as highly creative. The majority of people lose their creativity as they grow older, getting off track along the way.

Creativity is not accidental. It’s the result of your personal determination to learn and use creative thinking strategies. Creative people look at the same information as everyone else, yet they see something completely different. A creative person will run their business more productively, developing solutions to complex business problems with the ability to revitalize and improve upon stale ideas, while creating better processes along the way.

Where should you begin? Start with belief. A key to regenerating your creativity is to believe in it, so reprogram your mind. Change the way you view yourself and soon your ideas will improve. Tell yourself daily, “I am a creative person.” And remember that the biggest enemy of creativity is fear, uncertainty, and doubt—so stop playing it safe! Risk being known. Risk being rejected. Creativity is worth it.

The next step is to fall back in love with the word, “why.” A key to being creative is asking “why?” Children are more creative than adults, because they continually ask the question, “why?” to discover new things. Instead of believing you have all the answers, seek new information and ask “why?”

Remember, the status quo is not always the best way to solve an issue. Develop multiple solutions to the same problem. The more solutions that you come up with, the more creative your solutions will become. Once you run out of the most obvious answers, you’ll soon uncover new ways to solve your problems and reinvent your business.

Get started now with this quick three step action plan for creativity:

1. Collect ideas and examples of what other people are doing.

The best way to get a good idea is to have a lot of ideas to choose from. Create a special file of other people’s marketing ideas for your dealership. Collect and store ads, quotes, designs, ideas, questions, cartoons, etc. Then when you need an idea, you can build upon ideas from your files.

2. Create an environment of creativity.

Identify and then craft an environment where and when you are most creative. Surround yourself with creative people. Make the creative process important by taking practical steps to catch ideas. Put pads and pens everywhere at home and at work. Carry a journal. Capture ideas whenever you can.

3. Write down the top three problems facing your business right now.

Come up with 10 solutions to each problem. Abandon the obvious answers. Try applying old solutions to new situations. Ask “why?” Look for new answers to the problems you are facing.

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Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller


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