The Stress that is…DMS!

If DMS is like oxygen in the car business, why has it become so hard to breathe?

Well, the reasons are many. Never before have we seen a shift in the way cars are bought and sold using technology than we are now. From Service to parts to sales and even resales, customers live and breathe online. If this is true, it is critical that dealerships prepare in advance what they know in advance. In order to make sure that the “body” of the dealership functions properly, its “brain” must first be in order and with the “dot com” world we live in today, that “brain” is the one…the only…DMS!

DMS was founded so that everything could work together fluidly and in order to link all of the technical aspects of the dealership together. The core DMS software needed to be efficient enough to connect everything together and make it work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is like hiring an IT person to man the desk at all hours and minutes of every single day to make sure that the “brain” of the dealership does not malfunction and cause havoc to the rest of the body. Sadly, nothing is perfect and nothing is without flaws, especially technology.

That being said, it is also critical that your DMS be up to date and current with the latest and greatest software and technology behind it to make sure that data does not need to be inputted multiple times (more than once is too much), mistakes and hiccups do not occur often if at all and that, in case of a catastrophe of any kind, the store will still be able to operate completely, because the DMS is alive and well. Your DMS should update and sync automatically, it should push, pull, and deliver your data and information at the flip of a switch and lastly, it should not cost the dealership two arms, one leg and sometimes even more than that! In fact, if your DMS is costing you more than any one of your single employees (from the janitor to the sales manager), you need to reevaluate and consider a change.

Only ignorance stands as an excuse for stupidity. It is silly for you to continue down a path of spending too much and getting too little when it comes to your DMS, which we can safely say is the oxygen behind many of the moving parts within the modern dealership today. If DMS is making it hard to breathe or if it’s time for a change, look deeply at your current provider, their pricing and the savings you could see by making a change. It’s never too late to be more efficient. It’s never too late to improve your business. It’s never too late to sell more cars, make more money, and serve more customers than ever before!

Jesse Biter is cofounder of Dealers United, Their upcoming deal on DMS will be available October 16, 2012. To become a member of Dealers United at no cost, visit or call 800-324-6047.

Michael Bowen


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