The Top Five Reasons to Add PURLs to Your Direct Mail Marketing

So you’ve heard about this interesting new marketing innovation called Personalized URLs or PURLs; there is definitely a buzz associated with them right now and with good cause. Here are five reasons to add PURLs to your direct mail today:

Increased Response

By incorporating PURLs instead of mailing the same old generic piece, you can send a completely customized page, personalized just for your customer. People respond to their own names. In fact, medical studies have proven that the human brain reacts differently when a person hears or sees their name! What a great way to make your customer feel special.

Save Money

Postage rates, paper costs, and printing costs are all increasing. Let’s face it: you need a cost-effective way to drive prospects to your dealership. Rather than throw everything imaginable at your customer, mail a package that is unique with personalization, and know that the chances it will be opened and responded to are higher. Get a better response with less mail!

Tracking Ability

Using PURLs will give you a “real-time” feel for the response rate, ZIP codes that are “Target Rich” as well as the demographic. It comes down to the right street, the right neighborhood, and the right offer—This is the only true way to measure your return on investment.

Capturing More

With increased tracking comes the ability to “convert.” Turning a PURL visitor into an appointment and a car deal is easier if you have the ability to manage traffic. Remember the ?Hope System”: We sent out mail, and we hope someone responds? With PURLs you get real results, not just hope!

Build Credibility

Let’s face it, we live in an age of instant gratification. People want stuff right away, and the web has certainly contributed to that trend. In today’s environment, you have to set yourself apart from the norm and create a credible message that the customer will believe and respond to. With a PURL, you can bridge the credibility gap by creating the personalized offer, the personalized message, and most of all, instant response to their inquiry! How effective do you think that will be?

By further integration of technology with direct mail, you can truly add a “sixth man” to the team when you incorporate our 24/7 call center. Here is the good news: your “sixth man” is a fully staffed 40-seat call center. Let us field the calls, answer the questions and set the appointments, driving individuals to your store. This is just the beginning; the technology value that is added will be…to be continued…see next month’s issue.

David Jeansonneis the president of Traffic Jam Events. For more information, please visit or feel free to contact him personally at 866-677-3702.

David Jeansonneis


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