The Wacky World of Internet Domains

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Things are about to get complicated in the domain world. We are used to using .com, .net, .org, .go, and .edu. A few years ago some others were introduced, like .co.

But the internet may become a scramble as the domain people begin to introduce a ton of new top level domains. Big brands are already scrambling to figure out how to protect their trademarks. Some are even getting their own domains like .intel and .jeep.

If you are in a particular industry (like auto) there will be generic domains. Here are examples of domains that are coming out just in the “A” category:

























The pricing seems to be running wild with a lot of domains going for $29 per year, but others selling for much more.

They are calling these new generic domains “gTLD’s” (generic top level domains) and you can read about them at ICANN, the official domain organization’s website:

Many of the domain extensions aren’t available yet, but you can buy them in advance at some sites, but you can’t use them yet unless you pay a giant fee. Some of the sites are saying that if more than one person wants to buy a particular domain, there might be an auction. It is not clear how that will work with companies that have trademarks on particular names. In our category of business, it will be interesting to see how many auto vendor companies and individual auto dealers purchase their own names with .auto as the domain extension and use it instead of .com or .net.

Do you think will buy Or will buy

It will also be interesting to see what will happen if you own say, and one of your competitors buys What will the process be like to get them to stop using your name in their domain? And what about auto vendors that perform many services for auto dealers? Will they feel they need to buy every domain extension that might apply to their business name so no one else will? LowestPrice FranksAutoInsurance.autoinsurance, or would it be Franks.autoinsurance? I guess I should go buy, or DealerMarketingMagazine.magazine. We better buy lots of popcorn to sit back and watch what happens in our industry. Could make for some strange domains like,, or

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