The Wonder of Video for Auto Sales

The thing that triggers a car buyer to buy may not be what you think. I remember shopping for mini-vans when my kids were young. My wife wanted a mini-van, because it was easy to load the kids in the sliding door in a parking lot and there was plenty of room for hauling the kids, their car seats and the neighbor kids and their car seats. When we were looking at the van I kept studying the price, but my wife was more interested in the number of cup holders.

I made the mistake of saying, “Who cares about the cup holders? What’s the price and payment?” My wife turned to me very seriously and said, “Listen Buster…I’m the one driving the tribe around and I want a Latte’ with me at all times.” If you’re married, or you’ve been married, you know when to shut your pie hole and look for cup holders. My wife bought the van with the best cup holders and that was that.

My point is that photo showing the outside of a vehicle and listing features is not the same as a walk-around video tour that points out all the cool features of the car. Since people don’t rush to the lot while researching anymore, you have to give the tour online, on your website. Want to sell more vehicles? Create more videos of your vehicles, especially new vehicles, and show the shopper why they are cool. You may get a sale, because someone can plug in their iPad or iPod. You may get a sale, because the vehicle has seat warmers.

Invest in video equipment and simple editing software and put someone in charge of making a video once per week. Or simply hire a production company (small one) to do the videos for you. You don’t need a giant production company. These are simple videos, but they need to be professional looking—use a tripod, use a voice talent or a standup host that tours the car. You want organized, well-shot video without wild swings in the camera, bad cuts, crummy lighting, etc. If a person can watch a tour of a vehicle online, all they have to do when they visit is drive the car and sign the papers. If you want to see a well done video, check out the video produced by an RV dealer, Baydo’s RV in Fife, Washington. Go to and click on the video button in the header of the home page on the Trailblazer Diamond Edition. It won’t win an Oscar, but it will make you want the trailer.

Besides selling some vehicles, the videos on your site will also help the SEO for your website. Get an HD video camera, a tripod, and get crackin’!

Brett Stevenson


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