There Is More to Social Media than Socializing


One of the biggest values of social media to me and all of my dealers is free organic search engine optimization; I view social media sites as SEO incubators. Most dealers cannot even fathom the tremendous value of social media search engine optimization. Let’s start with creating accounts on the top social media sites (I am going to list seven but there are many more):
·         Facebook
·         YouTube
·         Twitter
·         Flickr
·         Ning
·         Tumblr
·         MySpace
The first step is creating the dealership profile on these social media sites. You must create the profile using the proper SEO keywords and anchor text. Embed Hyperlinks in the profile that “back link” to the dealership’s main website.
Here is the very very important tip: You want to make sure all content is fully search engine optimized! Here is what you need to do:
·         Make sure the RAW files (pictures, articles, or video) are saved with the right keyword(s). For example, if you have a picture of a Honda Accord. Don’t leave the raw file named 102365.JPG—It should be something like Honda_Accord_Philadlephia.JPG. Make sure that before you upload any content to the social media it is named properly on the raw file first.
·         Make sure you create geo-targeted and strategy driven titles or headlines for all content, e.g. articles, pictures, videos.
·         Make sure that you create unique content for all content descriptions. Yes, all pictures and videos and articles you put in a blog should have unique content (Not simple cut and paste descriptions).
·         You want to embed hyperlinks in the descriptions; this will count for back links to the search engines. Example – ** Yes, that means all pictures and videos should have embedded hyperlinks that redirect to your dealership’s main website.
·         You must create the right key word/meta tag strategy (geo-target, franchise, product, or service).
Each site specializes in different things. For example, is to pictures what You Tube is to video. It is an amazing site for search engine optimization. Take a look at this example. Type Ford Davenport into and out of over two Million results in the top three listing on the first page of Google is my client Dahl Ford’s Flickr page! Talk about powerful SEO. We basically uploaded more than 300 pictures to their Flickr account and optimized them all—the result is first page optimization on Google out of two Million+ competitors!
Here is the bottom line. In monopoly your goal is to get all the properties on the board game. Why…? Because the more properties you own. The more chance someone will land and pay you rent right. Google says only 0.5% of people go past the first page. So if you aren’t on the first page you are invisible. The goal isn’t to simply get in the top 10 listing on the first page of Google; the goal is to dominate the first page of Google and show up as many times as possible! If you only have one website, how many times can you show up on the first page of Google? Once—that’s it…because you only have one URL that gets indexed. Try to imagine if you were a Ford dealer in Philadelphia. Wouldn’t it be amazing to type into Google “Ford Dealer Philadelphia” and you show up four or five times on the first page. Your main website, your OWM site, your Face book page, your Twitter site, your NING site, your Flickr site etc… That is what I am talking about. Search Engine Optimization domination with social media.
Sean V. Bradley is the founder and CEO of Dealer Synergy, an award winning training, consulting and digital marketing company. For more information call 856-264-0564, email, or visit




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