Things Were Cranking at the AVA Booth at NADA

It seems like every NADA there are one or two booths at the event that are extremely popular with dealer attendees. Those booths have a perpetual crowd of dealers, wearing their brown “Dealer” badges, crowded around the demo computers, watching whatever was the hot new thing at NADA. This year, that award had to go to the AVA booth with its sexy female robot graphics and the innovative rolling carts they gave away to floor-weary dealers.

Dealers from all corners of the country stopped by the AVA booth to get a quick look at their artificial intelligence software that keeps track of, and contacts, potential customers long after the average salesperson has given up on that customer. The demo of the product was really just actual conversations going on, in real time, between AVA and real customers. Dealers were amazed at the relationship that grew between the car shopper and what the shopper thought was a real person at the dealership.

Perhaps the most stunning info, was the actual reports showing the power of AVA’s reengagement tool. AVA would re-contact potential leads that were considered dead and get the conversation going again. One dealer’s report showed that AVA had brought leads back to life resulting in 66 cars sold in one month to the dead leads. Can you imagine your salespeople giving up on leads which AVA then turned into sales to the tune of 66 cars? Words like “shocking” and “amazing” were coming from the dealers watching the presentation.

Ever skeptical of new things, we contacted an AVA client, Robert Larson Automotive Group in Tacoma, Washington to find out how they liked having AVA on board. They do like it. Internet director, Philip (PJ) Adams, says AVA is working at all the dealerships and “is keeping the salespeople on their toes.”

To arrange a demo of the AVA product, you can call Pat Shaw at 425-366-1773 or email him at

Michael Bowen


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