Thoughts on the First Day of Boot Camp

It was a great first day at boot camp. Strong round table discussion on a variety of topics including integrated marketing solutions, BDC structures and processes, internet lead management, automotive advertising, video SEO, social media, and more. These round table panels were hosted by a good mix of industry experts, and attended by a welcoming group of dealers. Following the roundtable, there was a spirited customer retention management panel led by Gary May.


My takeaways from Day One


Yes, it’s about technology which is a fast moving landscape. The tools are going to change and it’s important to stay abreast of the technology – and ahead of your competitors. But the technology of the day is ever changing, so it’s about something more. It’s about people and processes that create success.


An example occurred during the roundtable. As the Customer Retention Management discussion evolved, a question was asked to the dealer about the relationship between CRM use and sales. Among the dealership in the room, it was shown that those that had the highest use of the CRM system also reported the highest sales performance. However, in delving into this further, the answer really became that this happened not due to the CRM product itself, but rather that the stores that had the best processes in place, were most able to effective use them.


Best one line takeaway from today; “treat people like customers and they might become one”.





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