Three Golden Rules for Landing Pages

Through the use of content marketing, social media, SEO, and PPC campaigns, you’ve successfully driven traffic to your website. The question is, how do you convert this traffic into leads and sales?

Where many dealerships go wrong is they drive traffic to their home page. This is a mistake, because your home page is simply a road map to the rest of your website. By sending traffic to your home page you’re creating an unnecessary extra step, and the more steps you have between your potential customers and what they want, the more chances you have to lose them. What you want is to drive people directly to a page that demands action: i.e., a landing page.

Landing pages are designed to do one thing—get people to take the specific action you want them to take. Through landing pages, you can acquire leads, determine people’s areas of interest, and ultimately drive sales. Before you get started however, it’s important to understand the three golden rules of landing page optimization.

Be clear.

You need to tell your visitors exactly what you’re offering in every possible way. A landing page isn’t about subtlety, so leave nothing to the imagination. If you’re offering a $500 coupon off the purchase of a new car, you need to be very specific about the money-savings coupon in your landing page copy.

Tell them the value.

So, you’ve told them what you’re offering. Now, why should they want it? Drive home that it’s not just something helpful, but something they can’t live without. This is one of the most critical elements of a successful landing page. Be specific and be personal.

Tell them how to get it.

What do people need to do to get what you’re offering? This is called a call to action, or CTA. The call to action in the case of a coupon or special offer is usually a free download. But first, they have to register with your site. They provide their name, email, phone number, and some other brief information before they can download their coupon. Once you have this information, you know who they are, what they’re interested in, and how to contact them. You’re perfectly primed to reach out to them and make the sale.

The goals of a landing page are threefold. First, clarity: What specific action do you want people to take? Second, reducing friction: Eliminate anything that hinders that action by making it as simple as possible. And finally, the ultimate goal: conversion: Getting your visitors to take the action you want them to take.

Following these three golden rules of landing page optimization, your dealership’s website will become a lead generation machine.

Bill Parlaman is the vice president of digital marketing for Stream Companies, the leading full service integrated automotive advertising agency. Want even more information on SEO? Watch the Truth about SEO Webinar at:

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