Three Reasons Your Customers Hate Your Content

You’ve spent hours writing that eBook and you’re minutes away from publishing the landing page so you can start watching the traffic and leads pour in. Now, weeks have passed, and the conversions you are getting are long gone, reluctant to return to your site. No one’s shared your content or even spared one, single, minute ‘Like’ on your dealership’s Facebook post announcing your newest piece of quality content. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Before throwing in the towel on content marketing all together, let’s explore where we went wrong. Here are the three reasons your customers hate your content.

It’s all about the sale.

One of the most difficult adjustments to make when adopting an inbound marketing strategy is the movement away from the hard sell, and the transition into educating and guiding.

When a new lead reads your dealership’s newest eBook or whitepaper, they’ve trusted you enough to provide their name and contact information. And for every dealership trust is gold. But if your lead feels “tricked” into converting by downloading a piece of content that’s nothing more than a sales pitch, you’ve lost that customer, probably for good.

The Solution: Take a step back from the sale and think about the consideration and research process your customer goes through when deciding to buy a car or visit a dealership like yours. What type of (non-salesy) information can you provide that would genuinely them during this process?

Missing the target.

The objective of content marketing is to create something that speaks directly to your prospects’ and customers’ interests, providing them with useful information that answers their common questions and helps them make a smarter decision when purchasing or leasing their next vehicle.

If you’re publishing content with the single intention of just building your email database, chances are your prospects won’t find the content truly valuable.

The Solution:Start by creating personas of whom precisely you’re targeting. What do they care about? What common questions or problems do they have when shopping for a new vehicle? Understanding this will provide concrete direction on creating meaningful content that connects with your readers.

Leaving them guessing.

Lastly, one of the most common mistakes in content marketing is failing to incorporate appropriate calls-to-action to direct your readers on what to do next. Content marketing is all about organically drawing in your prospects and guiding them through your sales process, but if you’re not leading the way, you risk missing out on a potential customer.

The Solution: With each piece of content you create, provide your potential customer with direction on the next natural step to take. Avoid the temptation of abusing the call to action by attempting to get your newest blog subscriber to call you or “buy now;” chances are, they’re not ready. Direct them somewhere that makes sense, keeps them on your website and continues to build their trust with your dealership.

Sarah D’Andrea is the inbound and content marketing manager for Stream Companies, a full service integrated advertising agency.

Sarah DAndrea


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