Three Steps for Using Social Media for Conversions—Not Just Networking

One concern I hear often from dealers is that while social media is a wonderful networkingtool, they don’t necessarily see it converting to leads or sales. Here are three steps I use to increase social media lead conversions:

Step 1: Identify Influencers & Gain Their Attention

Every community is comprised of businesses owned and operated by local people. Supporting them online helps garner goodwill from both those community leaders and the consumers who follow them, too. This increases awareness of your dealership, helps you build more relationships and sets the stage for offline lead opportunities. But first, you have to find those influencers.

In addition to geo-targeting and identifying users based on location through hashtags and search queries, I use tools like Social Bro to determine my top influencers according to location, account activity and when they’re most active….and timing is everything. According to a recent Argyle Social study, weekdays are best for B2B social network engagement (14 percent more), whereas weekends are better for B2C (32 percent more engagement).

Step 2: Increase Click-Through Rates with Relevant, Insightful & Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Your social media postings should help create awareness, encourage interaction and generate leads. So make them sizzle:

  • Start with a simple and compelling offer,

    communicate a sense of urgency and include a strong call to action with a link to your website.

  • Create highly clickable headlines

    (whittle a story down to the keywords that motivate consumers to read more). Great headlines offer practical tips, teach something the reader doesn’t know, include a free resource (a download), make a tabloid-like statement (it may or may not be true, but it gets people reading!), address readers’ concerns, or promise to simplify issues with a list (“11 Mistakes That Will Cost You Money at the Gas Pump”).

    • Include images or videos.

      Buffer reports that links with images received 18 percent more clicks, 89 percent more “favorites,” and 150 percent more retweets.

    • Then encourage engagement with tools available on the different channels

      : DM, hashtags, pages, groups and zig-zag tags.

    Just remember: What you post should reflect your dealership; consumers shouldn’t notice a difference in what you say online vs. on the showroom floor. Authenticity and transparency are critical to encourage conversions!

    Step 3: Ensure Profiles & Linked Pages Include Easy Ways to Immediately Connect (Chat, Text, Phone)

    In order to convert a social media contact, make it easy to take the next step: a sales conversation. So whether they have a question or want to set an appointment, help them get started right from that social network. Including chat and text options like those from provider, Contact At Once! on your social networks and having a mobile-friendly website (many access social media on smartphones) means consumers can move into that sales conversation seamlessly, however they want.

    It all boils down to this: Find your customers, engage them, invite them to check out your offerings, and make it an easy for them to talk to you. It sounds an awful lot like an in-person interaction, right? That’s because it is.

    Rachel Haro is a native San Francisco Bay area resident and owner of Mouthful Social Media. With over 15 years of traditional marketing experience, Rachel has spent the last 12 of those working with top dealerships across the country on strategic, grass roots, video email and social media advertising. To contact Rachel or to learn more about Mouthful Social Media’s services, email

Rachel Haro


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