Time to Register for NADA 2017, Plus Drones to the Rescue!

The NADA Convention & Expo returns to the Big Easy for '17

If you haven’t already, now is the time to make your arrangements to attend the NADA Convention & Expo in New Orleans, January 26–29.

If you’re the principal at your dealership, NADA 2017 is a great place to see what direction the auto industry is heading, and to see the innovations that are coming.

By seeing innovations first, you can be the first to use them to beat the competition. This is particularly important if those innovations make it easier or faster to sell vehicles to consumers.

Even if you don’t attend, why not send a member of your staff with instructions to cover the exhibition hall looking for new ways to sell cars, or new ways to increase or improve your service department? The NADA Convention has traditionally been the place to learn how to improve your online traffic and sales.


By sending a member of your staff, you’ll avoid that annoying moment when you realize your competition is using new knowledge to sell more cars.

Drones to the rescue

In case you haven’t done this yet, be sure to check out the small businesses that produce drone videos in your market.

One of the things that many dealers don’t realize is that consumers may not be aware of how many vehicles you have for sale.

I remember the story of one dealer who questioned some car shoppers about how they perceived his dealership.


Front of dealership

One of the shoppers said, “Well, I didn’t visit you because I didn’t think you had very many cars.” The dealer was dumbfounded because he had more than 400 vehicles on his lot.

Upon reflection, the dealer realized that 80% of his vehicles were behind the dealership on the main road in his town. People driving by could not see all of the cars in the back. They could only see the few vehicles that sat in the front of the dealership.

To combat this, the dealer used drone footage on TV to show the true scope of his inventory. Sales improved dramatically after consumers saw his giant stock of cars.

If you hire a drone video company, make sure it follows the new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules for drones, and doesn’t fly in an airport zone.


Back of dealership

These photos show the front of a local dealership and the huge stock behind the dealership. The drone footage can be used for broadcast and cable television, movie theater advertising, online advertising, and, especially, your dealership website.


Brett Stevenson


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