TimeHighway.com Announces Updated Service Scheduling Solution: Auto Dealers Now Have Cost-Effective Service Appointment Scheduling 24/7/365 Both via Web and Telephone

Integration with GetAbby Provides Service Appointment Scheduling 24/7/365 No Vacation, No Sick Days, No Benefits and No Complaints
NAPLES, FL, February 09, 2010TimeHighway.com (www.timehighway.com) today announced the preview of a new user interface for its real-time, online service scheduling solution at the 2010 NADA Convention and Exposition in Orlando, FL, February 13-15 at booth 2580. The new customer-facing interface will streamline the appointment process for the customer. 
TimeHighway is also announcing full integration with GetAbby, IVR technology developed by Carnegie Mellow University.  This solution provides auto dealers with a cost-effective appointment setting and answering service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. TimeHighway can now handle appointments both online and by phone. Confirmed service appointments can be created from the dealership website or via phone as Abby provides “backstop” service for the incoming overflow service appointment calls.  All appointments (web or phone) are pushed seamlessly into the DMS.
“Today’s customers are very Internet savvy and are accustomed to a true interactive experience and expect instantaneous response.  They are not inclined to wait 2…24…48 hours…or never…to get a response to their “email request for appointment,”   commented Karen Dillon, TimeHighway.com President.
“Statistics from OEMs and J. D. Power indicate that 45% of these never get a response.  Statistics further show that over 40% of calls that come into a dealership for service never get answered – the customer either hangs up while on hold, the call is dropped when being transferred or goes to voice mail.  I think everyone agrees in today’s economy (or any economy for that matter) dealerships can’t afford to lose a single customer,” Dillon added.  TimeHighway now provides a solution to both of these problems.
GetAbby’s feature-rich technology answers the customer calls and has been developed with complete ease-of-use in mind. A friendly voice quickly walks the customer through the appointment setting process. For a demonstration of Abby:  call 1-877-261-1452 and when prompted for phone number, enter: 239-593-4620#.  Follow prompts as though scheduling a real service appointment.
Key benefits:
·         Backstop service insures all customers’ calls are answered
·         Abby works 24/7/365 for $590/month – never takes a vacation or sick day; no benefits; no complaints
·         Dramatically increases convenience for customer – service appointments can be created via phone even when the dealership is closed
·         Appointments are pushed seamlessly via TimeHighway into ADP, Reynolds and Arkona
·         Reduces personnel costs – fewer people needed to answer telephone calls
·         Reduces follow up costs – Abby can make service follow up calls and place dissatisfied customers in touch with stores immediately
·         Increases revenue – frees up service advisors from taking phone calls, allowing them to work with the customers on the service drive, selling needed services
·         Increases number of appointments – Abby loads the shop regardless of pay plan or schedule consideration of employees – never a missed call
·         Dramatically improves customer satisfaction scores
TimeHighway also offers seamless integration with eMenus, providing dynamic service menus for the dealership for all factory mileage packages, as well as any dealer recommended services. 
The appropriate menu is displayed to the customer, based on mileage.  This solution includes the maintenance and synchronizing of the dealership’s op codes, parts, labor hours and up-to-date pricing, based on year, make, model, engine and drive train and mileage.
TimeHighway allows the Service Manager to manage the service drive, provides true shop loading and offers customers real-time, online service scheduling either online or by phone with DMS integration, automatic confirmation, reminder, completion notification and thank you emails or text.  
TimeHighway.com will be demonstrated at the 2010 NADA Conference and Exposition in Orlando, FL, February 13-15. Visit booth 2580 and preview these enhancements.
For more information contact Karen Dillon direct: 239-593-4620 cell: 239-595-0347 or visit the website at: http://www.timehighway.com/Info/About.aspx?PrivatelabelId=1



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