TimeHighway.com’s Updated Online Service Scheduling Solution for Auto Dealers Enables Fast Appointments, Digital Inspections, Service Menus & Appointment Backstop

NAPLES, FL, January 31, 2011– TimeHighway.com (www.timehighway.com), recently announced several major updates to its real-time, online service scheduling solution that greatly benefit auto dealer service departments, increasing service revenue by creating a more efficient way to schedule service.


TimeHighway allows dealerships to manage the service drive and offers customers real-time, online service scheduling with DMS integration, automatic confirmation, reminder and thank you emails or text messages. Its leading solution offers VIN specific menus, digital inspections, back-stop service for incoming overflow service appointment calls, express check-in and express check-out. The newly revamped version will be available for demonstration in booth #2130S, at the 2011 NADA Convention and Exposition in San Francisco, CA

February 5-7.


Recent updates to TimeHighway.com include:


·         Quick Appointment– Customer can make an appointment from the dealer’s website without having to register.  TimeHighway automatically registers the customer and sends them a username/password that can be used on subsequent visits.


·         Express Check-in– Provides customers the ease and convenience of “checking in” online – just like they do today for their flights.


·         Express Check-out– Allows customers to pay online.


·         Confirm Appointment – When receiving the courtesy reminder email, the customer now has two options – Confirm Appointment or Reschedule Appointment.  Clicking on the confirm appointment button creates more of a commitment on the part of the customer and reduces No Shows.


·         Pending Appointment– Internal user is now alerted when a customer calls into the dealership if there is already a pending appointment for the customer/vehicle.


·         Customer Online Appointment with Comments – Dealership personnel are notified when a customer schedules an online appointment and adds comments.  Such comments may require a response prior to the appointment.  For example:  “Please contact me with the cost of two tires.”


·         Any Advisor – When this tab is selected, TimeHighway will rotate through the advisors when a specific advisor isn’t selected.


·         Next Appointment – Simple way to schedule the customer’s next service appointment. One click loads the vehicle’s op codes, customer data and advances calendar to schedule ahead. Encourages repeat visits much like scheduling next appointment when leaving the dentist’s office. 


·         Acura Dealers Integration– The latest release is integrated with MyAcura.com and Acura.com.


TimeHighway also offers integration with:


·         eMenus – Best-in-class, dynamic VIN specific service menus, with op codes, parts and labor pricing maintained.  Generates maximum absorption rates and increased gross profit.


·         Digital Inspections– No change in current process – limited technician training required.  Inspection form is completed with digital pen and stored, providing on-demand access to both the customer and service advisor.  Allows user to track advisor sell-through and provides a report for technician thoroughness.


·         GetAbby– IVR technology that provides backstop service for incoming appointment calls.  Abby works 24/7/365 – never takes a vacation or sick day.


According to TimeHighway.com President Karen Dillon, since the new release dealers are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of new customers that are scheduling through their websites.  Within just 30 days, one Toyota dealership went from 17 new customers scheduling online with 79 confirmed appointments, to 105 new customers using online scheduling and 185 confirmed appointments. “We attribute this increase to the lack of requirement for the customer to “register”, which makes scheduling a service appointment extremely simple and quick,” said Dillon.


Randy Brobston with Hall Automotive Group comments: “TimeHighway.com allows us to schedule appointments properly, thus providing better management of the service drive.  This also increases efficiency in service, provides maximum shop loading and creates a much better experience for our customers, along with increased profitability for the dealerships.”


TimeHighway.com enables dealers to keep the service department staffed 24/7 so as not to miss out on potential service customers. 

“Customer expectations are changing – the traditional ways of doing business will no longer work.  Connecting with customers before, during and after a purchase is the key to driving sales and service business,” Dillon said.


For more information, visit www.TimeHighway.com and view our FAQ’s; contact Karen Dillon at KDillon@TimeHighway.com or 239-593-4620; or visit Booth 2130S at NADA in San Francisco for a personal, in-depth presentation.






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