Today’s Automotive Technology and Its Future

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When consumers look for a car, technology often plays a pivotal role in their choices. From digital and satellite radios to GPS technology, blue-tooth connectivity, electric vehicles and other advancements, customers are always looking for new technology in their cars.

Some of the most advanced technology in today’s used vehicles includes the hybrid technology in cars made by Toyota, Honda, and others. Customers are looking for autos that can give them high mileage and at a lost cost, and these hybrid cars give consumers the best of both worlds. With an estimate of 60+ MPG, these cars give customers the option of not having to fill up at the gas tank as often, and saves them money on gas. The initial prices of these hybrid autos have also dropped, which has helped grow the hybrid market. As a used car, they are usually quick to sell at a dealership and traditionally have a higher resale value than non-hybrid.

In addition to hybrid technology, electric car technology is quickly gaining steam. With prices dropping, vehicle range growing, and the number of manufacturers increasing by the year, electric cars are becoming must have’s at many dealerships. Used electric cars are also quick to sell as well for dealers and consumers.

Other leading technologies that are driving today’s automobile world include improved transmission systems, better handling of suspension systems, improved braking systems, and overall handling of the cars. As computers are more and more taking over the handling of the handling of the car, technology is giving driver’s a smoother and safer ride. These technologies don’t necessarily have to be in the world’s top cars, and are making their way to the Toyota’s and Honda’s as well.

In the future, technology will control cars, and might even bring out driverless cars as some have predicted. Companies are testing driverless cars in the market, and they may or may not make their way to the roads of today’s cars. Safety and legislation will have to control that angle of technology for most.

Technology plays in important role in the evolution of cars, and today’s cars are getting more advanced with each day. As the technology improves, that only means better cars are coming down the path, which makes for safer and more efficient driving for all.

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