Tools & Strategies Auto Dealers Must Follow to Enhance Online Reputation

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Is reputation management part of your car dealership’s marketing strategy? Marketing for car dealerships has changed drastically over the recent years. The evolving technology has taken over traditional forms of advertising such as print, radio and TV. The presence of internet and social media has made it possible for customers to review dealerships online. The internet is a major tool that is utilized effectively by customers prior to deciding which dealership to choose. Your business greatly depends on the kind of reviews offered by your customers.

It is obvious that an unsatisfied customer will share his experiences more as compared to a happy customer. It is said that a happy customer shares his experiences with a friend while an unhappy customer tells his experiences to the entire world. It is therefore important to satisfy your customers, which can be done by enhancing your dealership’s online reputation. Here are a few tools to help car dealers enhance their online reputation.

Some Important Tools to Help You Boost Online Reputation

Google plus is an important tool used for reviewing dealerships online. Other tools for reviewing car dealerships include insider pages and yelp. Since Google plus local and other review sites show up on Google search results, it is beneficial to utilize this tool to boost your online reputation.

If you are focusing your dealership marketing mostly on the local search then you are largely missing out on innumerable sales leads. From mobile websites Google searches and reviews, the primary objective of online reputation management is to get more buyers in your dealership

  • Another great way auto dealers can boost their online reputation is by utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media has emerged as the most powerful tool to help you get in touch with customers directly.

  • YouTube is another great tool auto dealers can use to reach social reach online. Most dealerships today do not give importance to their reputation and website rankings online. They are in great dilemma and do not know from where to start.

  • The truth is that a majority of the leads go to the top five Google listings that have the highest reviews. Reputation management and online marketing helps auto dealers get good leads.

Strategies to follow for Enhanced Online Reputation

  • Customers today use review sites like, Edmunds, Yelp and Google+ Local to decide on a particular kind of dealership. Most dealers today fail to utilize these top sites and hence lose out on effectively marketing their dealership – another reason that puts online reputation at stake.

  • Keep an eye on customer reviews and try to respond to them in time. This is a great way to boost your online reputation.

  • Survey your customers regularly & ask satisfied customers to assess review sites.

  • Surveying your customers does not mean flooding them with numerous emails. It means paying attention to what you are sending your customers post-sale/service. Auto dealers must thank customers for their business and request them to take a quick survey and offer feedback accordingly. Customers, particularly those that are fully satisfied with your service must be asked to post a public review about their experience.

It is vital to frequently encourage customers to offer more reviews. This will ensure that reviews are fresh and current. Car buyers are eager to see a lot of reviews and this enhances sites credibility. Improve your online reputation and get more leads today by utilizing these strategies. If customers are looking to get their car serviced, then you can direct them to car service Bentleigh.

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