Top 5 Automotive SEO Content Tips

Find the right content to attract customers to your website and then into your dealership

Whether you’re trying to come up with content for your website or for your blog, you may find it difficult to generate topics likely to be interesting to your readers. The content on your dealership’s website and blog is vital to your automotive SEO efforts, beyond simply being the vessel for your keywords.

This is the content that’s going to attract people to your website, get them to stay there, and then encourage them to visit your dealership.

If you want more ups on your showroom floor, here are five tips for generating SEO content that will do just that.

1. Google your industry

Want to know what type of information your customers are looking for, especially in relation to your particular brand or, more specifically, to your dealership?

Google’s Suggest feature is a great tool for generating topics to write about. It tells you what people are actually looking for. For example, if you type “car dealerships,” you’ll find a list of suggestions below the search bar.

Any one of these can be a great topic to add to your website or write about for your blog. And because you already know that people are searching for these topics, you know they’ll be good for SEO.

2. Research keywords

Just as with googling your industry, researching keywords can be a great way to find topics to write about, especially if you’re using a keyword-generating tool that takes a basic keyword and provides you with many different iterations and related phrases of it.

Not only will you find better keywords that get more people on your dealership’s website and ,eventually, on your showroom floor, you’ll uncover topics that your competitors probably aren’t writing about yet.

3. Ask your customers what they want

You probably talk to dozens of people a day—either on your showroom floor or on the phone—who inquire about what vehicles you have on your lot. When you talk to these people, you might notice patterns in the questions that they have about your brand.

For example, if you get a lot of questions about your vehicles’ safety feature, it might be time to write about the safety benefits your brand offers.

If you don’t notice specific trends in their questions, you should directly ask your customers what topics they would be interested in learning more about.

4. Read other blogs and respond to them

A great way to find topics to write about is to read a wide variety of blogs related to your industry.

If you read something that you don’t agree with or that you want to expand upon, it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about a topic and to attract the other source’s readers to your blog or website.

5. Express your passions

As the owner of the dealership, you have a passion for cars. Your enthusiasm should be readily displayed on your website and blog. Write about the things that really matter to you as an expert in the industry, and as someone who really cares about it.

To start, gather your team together and to talk about the cars on your lot. Where does the conversation go? What do you find yourself or the other people on your team getting excited about during the discussion? These are the topics that you should be putting on your blog or website for customers.

By following these five tips, you’ll generate topics that lead to compelling website and blog content, which will boost your SEO—and lure more customers into your showroom.

Adam Roseland is the founder of 814 Interactive, a leading digital marketing firm that specializes in automotive SEO. Adam has been working in the advertising industry for the past 10+ years, primarily in the digital space helping local dealers get more ups.

Adam Roseland


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