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Despite what the higher ups at a certain punctuated search engine may say, the trend of business is moving ever quickly toward remote operations and away from the office building. Not only that, but these days people conduct business with coworkers and clients from all corners of the world. It’s precisely for these reasons that efficient business communication is more vital than ever.

There cannot be conversation about modern business communication without mentioning the Internet and, as an extension, mobile communications. That’s because VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) clients and mobile apps facilitate business processes and allow whole groups of people who aren’t otherwise in the same room to communicate as a team.

With that in mind, here are some of the principal mobile apps crucial to modern business communication.


It wouldn’t be a list of efficient business communication apps without everyone’s favorite granddaddy of VOIP clients. It’s true that Skype is primarily thought of as a personal communication program, but every year more and more people are using it as a business tool. That’s because Skype – as well as its app extension – offers easy video chats that can accommodate 10 users at one time. Not only that, but Skype’s traditional text feature is also popular among those who need to shoot quick messages to colleagues throughout the day.

Google Chat

Google Chat is poised to be one of the biggest chat services around for one simple reason: integration. Google Chat is fully integrated with all of the popular search engine’s services, including Gmail, Google Apps and Google+, and will stay connected with everything on Google’s platform in the future. It allows for video and voice calls right from Gmail and keeps detailed logs of all communication.


The initial draw of this popular social-networking site is that people could follow their favorite celebs and get real-time news updates. This is still very much true of Twitter, but more and more people are using it to keep colleagues and clients updated in real time. And the Direct Message feature is perfect for discussing those more sensitive business topics in private.


This option offers the functionality of Twitter without the public scrutiny. Yammer is ideal for group projects, as only people with a company email address can log onto an account. Once the account has been created, users can create subgroups, update project status and send one-to-one private messages.


This is an ideal app for small businesses that want a fully integrated project and task manager. It offers chat and text for daily group discussions, planning tools, pages for notes and documentation, file storage and even time tracking. It is also connected to Dropbox and Github.

These are just a few ways business can benefit from modern communications apps. There are also a number of other methods of online communications businesses of every stripe should not overlook, including AIM as well as Apple’s FaceTime. Even basic email providers like Google offer easy communication tools such as Google Chat that have proven to be quite popular and effective at bringing people together.

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