Top 5 Free Photo-Sharing Apps for Android

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Due to the popularity of Instagram on the iPhone, mobile photo-sharing apps began to pop up all over the place on every platform. Android users, for example, were inundated with new photo-sharing apps and even Instagram eventually made its way to Google’s popular mobile platform. For Android users, this can be a double-edged sword. While more apps are always welcome in order to compete with that monolithic application library known as the App Store, it can often be difficult to separate the better options from those more pedestrian offerings.

So in the interest of facilitating the mobile photo nut’s urge to edit and disseminate his or her pics in the most effective manner possible, here are some of the more worthwhile photo-sharing apps available for Android.


No list of relevant and solid photo-sharing apps would be complete without the granddaddy of them all: Flickr. The app does everything fans of the website would expect it to do, namely provide tagging functions, an alternative camera, filters — all via a responsive and smooth interface. Flickr addicts will likely get a lot of mileage out of this app, and they should also be impressed with the efficient email client.


When it comes to apps, those who place much value on a beautiful and highly responsive user interface will likely enjoy Lightbox a great deal. This app comes equipped with a built-in camera as well as a number of filters. With Lightbox, users can edit and upload photos to every major social media site as well as their own LIghtbox profile.


Those looking for nothing more than a basic site in which to upload and share photos need look no further than LiveShare. This app may be lacking in advanced features, but it does offer a rich UI as well as both mobile and web service. Also, the process of uploading photos, adding friends and viewing streams is quick and straightforward with this option.


This is another easy-to-use option, albeit one with a good amount of features. Users have a host of filters to play with as well as the ability to view live feeds and even photos taken near the user’s current location. And, of course, all photos taken from within the app can be shared via social networks.


If Flickr was going to make the list, it was inevitable that the 800-pound gorilla of photo-sharing apps was going to grace this page as well. But Instagram has over 100 million loyal users for a reason: It is fun, simple and addictive. The free price tag doesn’t hurt either. Those who decide to install Instagram on their Android device will enjoy all the features that made this app a global phenomenon, including filters and effects such as tilt-shift blur. Users can then upload their creations to a simple photo stream on social media and view their friends Instagram photos as well – of which there are bound to be many.

Because photo-sharing apps are some of the hottest around, it’s to be expected that their sheer numbers will only grow. Over time, this may render some of the options on this list obsolete, but the trade-off will be even more creative and fun apps that push the boundaries of sharing photos through social media.

Ken McDonald is a photography enthusiast. In his spare time he plays around with different hd video cameras and loves toying around with Adobe Premiere. You can also find him on MTB trails with his GoPro Hero HD.

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