Top 7 SEO Trends to Maximize Your SERP Ranking

Dealers have to constantly monitor, adjust, and update their SEO strategies before their competitors catch up

When it comes to positioning your automotive dealership in the top rankings in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), it’s imperative you be knowledgeable about the latest SEO principles, trends, and policies that are used as ranking factors.

To succeed with their internet marketing, dealerships have to constantly monitor, adjust, and update their SEO strategies before their competitors catch up. Bear in mind that the SEO industry is constantly evolving, so you need to be prepared to tackle its constant innovations and evolutions.

Here are seven SEO trends for 2017 you should be on top of to get the maximize your SERP ranking.

1. Rise of PDAs

At first glance, this trend may not seem to impact SEO much, but when you go deeper, it’s apparent digital assistants (PDAs) will change the way many people perform search queries.

Tools like Cortana and Siri have become so commonplace that consumers everywhere use them to make complex tasks easier. They also sharply increase the number of conversational queries users make in the context of search.

Subsequently, as we move further into 2017, your dealership website needs to improve diversification and sophistication to comply with PDAs. As you optimize your website to appear in verbal search queries, you’ll gain new ranking opportunities to position your dealership higher on Google.

2. Mobile app domination

To many, 2016 was known as the year of mobile app development. Many service businesses created personal mobile apps, making life easier for customers in terms of exploring product inventories and placing orders, along with receiving discounts and deals.

This is the year in which mobile apps will dominate, and become an important ranking factor for Google. In order to position your dealership higher on SERPs, create your own app to enhance consumer experience, which can give you an edge. Google always positions sites higher that have their own mobile apps.

3. Rise of UEO

There’s no doubt that user experience is a crucial part of SEO. It ensures that visitors to your dealership site don’t suffer problems, and can easily navigate and explore your pages to find services or information they need.

This year, in search, there’s an increased emphasis on user experience optimization (UEO). This means your site has to be properly optimized to load quickly, offer good responsiveness, and be customized for a great mobile experience. Sites that offer a better user experience overall will rank better on Google SERPs.

4. Increased need for personal branding

Businesses are constantly being advised to create a website and brand image that speaks volumes, and emphasizes their aims, goals, and missions.

For 2017, personal branding will become an even more important part of SEO. It differentiates your dealership from its competitors, and boosts your overall user experience. As social media platforms continue to refine their algorithms, the need for brand authenticity in every aspect of your business process is crucial.

In order to keep up, you need to take a more personalized approach toward branding. Your strategy must involve sharing personal stories, messages from satisfied customers, and a unique approach, because consumers are getting tired of the redundant branding messages they see on almost every other site.

5. Machine learning will change SEO

With Google’s RankBrain being introduced last year, a new door of algorithmic machine learning was opened. This extension of Google gradually learns more about how users phrase conversational queries and perform their searches, then makes it easier for them to find exactly the information they need.

Although there hasn’t yet been an update that focuses on algorithmic machine learning, this new technology will undoubtedly change marketing automation and data interpretation in SEO. Your dealership needs to be prepared to accommodate the changes that Google makes to its guidelines in order to keep up with the latest machine learning ranking techniques.

6. The rise of “dense” content

As mentioned earlier, people are tired of redundant content on every website. Although it can be difficult to come up with unique titles and content, especially for businesses operating in the same industry, the need for “epic” and “dense” content is great.

Therefore, your dealership should avoid writing content that is available on almost every other site, and focus instead on creating longer pieces that cover a topic more comprehensively. Your aim should be to provide as much information as you can in the smallest possible space to generate readers’ interest.

7. Trend toward AMPs

Accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) is an open-source protocol that enables the creation of pages that are capable of loading almost instantaneously on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices.

To utilize AMPs, you need to make your site use eight times less data and load four times faster than previously. Of course, doing so won’t be an easy task, but many sites have already switched over to AMPs. To indicate pages that have been granted AMPs status, Google highlights them by showing a small lightning bolt icon.

If you want your dealership to reach new heights and beat the competition, focus on implementing these latest SEO trends in your internet marketing strategy.

Adam Roseland is the founder of 814 Interactive, a leading digital marketing firm that specializes in automotive SEO. Adam has been working in the advertising industry for the past 10+ years, primarily in the digital space, helping local dealers get more ups. Curious how your SEO stacks up? Run a free SEO audit for your dealership right now at

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