Top Three Concerns About Dealer Chat Live Expressed

It is no coincidence that so many of the top e-commerce departments in the nation allow customers to communicate with them using dealer chat. Jim Ellis Auto Dealerships, Younger Automotive Group, Marazzi Dealerships, AND Apple Auto Group are but a few examples. Chatting online is not all that different from text messaging on smartphones, where written comments are passed back and forth between two parties.


According to a study by Nielsen, in 2008, text messaging surpassed phone usage as the most popular method of communication. As of 2010, Nielsen reports that text messaging exceeds phone calling by 35percent. In fact, the proliferation of live chat across non-automotive consumer websites including,,, and more along with the recent addition of chat across automotive websites like and proves that live chat has become a central part of the consumer buying experience.


Despite the growing popularity of chat, three main concerns arise from dealers still unfamiliar with chat:


Concern #1: Won’t chat cannibalize my phone and email leads?


This is a common misconception. While it’s logical to think that the same customer who chats with you online might have otherwise called you instead, the numbers tell a different story. A Contact At Once! survey, backed up by similar research conducted and, reveals that for every 1,000 visitors to your website, a significant portion come and go without ever contacting the dealership. Adding live chat captures those individuals with little impact on the other lead sources. Consider the question: Would third-party listing sites, compensated according to the number of consumers they connect with dealerships, risk negatively impacting their numbers by adding live chat? Of course not, instead, major third-party listing sites have embraced live chat based on the net gains they’ve seen from adding this technology.


Third-party listing sites and the person who manages your dealership’s Google Analytics account can testify that the middle of the workday represents some of the highest trafficked hours of the day for automotive websites. It’s well established that consumers tend to shop online while at work. Based on work center policies many of these consumers cannot call or be called using office email or phone systems. Live chat bridges the gap by providing a discreet way for buyers to reach out to dealerships during peak hours of the day.


Concern #2: Will my dealership actually sell more cars by adding live chat? If so, how many?


Chat has proven effective in helping dealers sell more cars. The number of additional cars sold per month fluctuates and, of course, depends upon several factors including:


a)       The size of the dealership and its overall sales volume


b)       The amount of traffic coming to the dealership’s website


c)       The answer percentage—how many of your salespeople are available and actually do answer incoming chats


d)       The quality of sales conversations conducted via chat


Some specific examples of how many additional vehicles dealers are selling as a result of adding live chat are:


“Out of the 125-130 cars a month our BDC is responsible for selling, a good 20 of them are the result of a chat,”Rob Fontano, Marazzi Dealerships.


“Group-wide, out of the 4800+ cars our internet department sold last year, 10-12 percent came as a direct result of chat,”Wayne Ussery, Jim Ellis Dealerships.


“We sell between 10-20 vehicles each month to customers that first contact us via chat,” David Parrot, Global Imports BMW.


Concern #3: How effective of a conversation can you really have over chat?


There are countless examples where dealers have built rapport, collected information, and negotiated purchases online inside a chat window. The following is an example of a soldier in Afghanistan who could only use chat to communicate with her dealership back home. After several conversations over a period of weeks, the soldier finally returned home from her tour, drove to the dealership right from the airport and picked up her new car.




[7:19:57 PM]<System>Agent Marc Ray has accepted the conversation


[7:20:01 PM]<Marc Ray>Hello, How may I help you?


[7:20:11 PM]<Marc Ray>This is Marc


[7:20:37 PM]<Kelly Larson>Hey Marc, this is me Kelly again, sorry my internet is limited, I’m about two days out.


[7:20:57 PM]<Marc Ray>Got your car back today with the leather in it


[7:21:05 PM]<Marc Ray>Looks good


[7:21:37 PM]<Kelly Larson>The leather is in the back seats as well right?


[7:21:52 PM]<Marc Ray>Yes


[7:21:53 PM]<Kelly Larson>And are u able to bring it to Cleveland?


[7:22:15 PM]<Marc Ray>We can work out delivery. I have drivers that can do that for me


[7:23:17 PM]<Kelly Larson>OK that’s cool, or would it be easier for me to come out there because I do want to meet u in person


[7:23:46 PM]<Kelly Larson>OK, oh does it come with tint?


[7:24:28 PM]<Marc Ray>It would be good if you can come here. I can get you picked up if necessary. We can work out the details when you get back. I’m pretty flexible, it just depends on the day and what I have scheduled


[7:26:30 PM]<Kelly Larson>LOL, I understand. Well yes, I might need u to arrange a pick-up, but will find out more soon as I get back


[7:27:31 PM]<Marc Ray>Sounds good, we will figure it out. Keep in touch and have safe trip home. Car is put aside for you—no one can sell it. I did also get a Camaro, but it is more money than you can spend.


————————END CHAT TRANSCRIPT————————


Live chat is simply one more way for dealers to connect with consumers and sell more cars. Dealers spend thousands driving traffic to their internet showrooms. Live chat helps dealers interact with at least 25percent more of those visitors.


Aaron Hassen is lead evangelist for the number one rated chat provider to the automotive industry, Contact At Once!, which powers live chat for more than 9,000 auto dealers,, and more.





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