Top Ways to Use Squidoo to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Auto dealerships (like other businesses), are always on the lookout for creative ways to generate new website visitors. While you may have seen and heard the name “Squidoo,” you may not know what an amazing tool this popular publishing community is for driving SEO-optimized web traffic.

Funny Name, Serious Potential

A single website comprising over a million unique web pages or “lenses,” Squidoo provides a simple template which users fill in to build and publish a site to the URL of their choosing. Whether you create one lens related to your website or many, Squidoo offers numerous benefits, including built-in SEO tools leading to high Google rankings and revenue potential through affiliate marketing and other forms of advertising. No website expertise is involved—in fact, it takes just a few hours to get a Squidoo lens up and running.

A Squidoo How To

Even the web novice can master user-friendly, non-techy Squidoo. Squidoo’s Modules component acts as building blocks for lenses. A simple pull down menu lets users add powerful components by browsing choices under headings including, “Sell Stuff,” “Write Stuff,” “Web Stuff,” and “Social Stuff.”

Other customizable Squidoo features include keyword tagging, text boxes, photos, links, link lists, polls, a guest book, videos and RSS feeds. A handy preview screen lets users review and perfect lenses before publishing.

While Squidoo lenses have many purposes, they are especially useful at generating lead generation web traffic. This is due to the in-built SEO tools. Use Squidoo’s modules to insert copy or images linked to your website, link to social media profiles, embed YouTube videos or use the RSS feed module to direct blog articles toward your lens. Squidoo optimizes all of this content and effectively transfers traffic back to your website.

Making Sense of Your Data

Data is meaningless without the ability to measure it. While Squidoo provides users with statistics about the number of visits and clicks, its resources are limited. Google Analytics provides more in-depth access to lens tracking through a single website setting, but as sites grow, this data becomes increasingly cumbersome. Many businesses are turning to leading data integration software company Syncsort to help overcome the challenges of Big Data in order to simplify the data tracking process.

If you haven’t yet put a Squidoo lens to work for your business, you may be missing out on a major opportunity to raise visibility, enhance credibility and promote your brand by generating more traffic to your site with minimal investment and at no cost.

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