Über Sellers

Captain America and Iron Man may be terrific super heroes, but the hero in many of America’s auto dealerships is the individual managing the store’s customer portfolio.

We call this superhero, Über Seller. An Über Seller is the supreme example of a particular kind of sales associate. What makes Über Seller so successful is he or she rarely takes an up—yet is often responsible for 20 percent of a store’s monthly sales volume. For some dealerships, Über Sellers can push up monthly sales by 50 percent or more!

Über Sellers fight for truth, justice and the American Way. Stores employing an Über Seller will tend to improve how the automobile dealership engages its existing customers, how it identifies opportunities to help these customers avoid costly vehicle situations, and how this diligence helps retain these customers vehicle after vehicle. They do this efficiently, ethically, without deceit and their CSI scores are the best in the dealership.

Über Sellers use the most modern sales tools to pump up sales and gross. These tools include the dealership’s customer portfolio and well-crafted, time-sensitive strategic selling. In the hands of an Über Seller, the use of these tools can turn a dealership’s car sales on end.

Just about any sales associate can become an Über Seller with the proper training. Some dealers find excellent candidates within their BDC departments. These individuals are comfortable using technology, and by the nature of their basic work are also comfortable using the telephone repeatedly to reach sales opportunities identified in the customer portfolio. Using specially designed talking scripts and leveraging the unique vehicle ownership intelligence, which the portfolio management software delivers daily, helps engage the customer in a non-selling, solution-focused dialogue.

Über Sellers have done the math; they recognize that their time spent wielding their special weapons will put them in front of more opportunities in one day than most sales reps will see in a week.

By studying the customer portfolio or, better yet, by leveraging the accuracy, speed, and analytical capability of customer portfolio technology, the Über Seller has at his or her disposal a daily list of fresh sales opportunities categorized into six types of sales alerts, including equity position, warranty expiration, high mileage, contract or lease termination, and conquest. All but “conquest” are existing customers in the portfolio identified at the point in their ownership experience that makes them ideal candidates for purchasing a new vehicle today.

Dealers who have Über Sellers on staff report some sound evidence for this strategy:

  • Setting new monthly sales records
  • Increasing sales 50 percent or more
  • Proactive sales create new and additional opportunities
  • Improves sales through service engagement
  • Reduces auction needs by capturing more of the higher quality trades you sold and serviced for your used inventory
  • Leverages a dealership’s best asset—its customers
  • Helps capture repeat business earlier in the buy cycle
  • Helps keep customers for life

Call me if you’d like the selling results of your own Über Seller for your stores.

Boyd Warner is CEO of AutoAlert®, Inc. (www.autoalert.com), the most advanced lead generation solution available on the market today. Contact him at boyd@autoalert.com.

Boyd Warner


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