Upload ‘Em Up, Move ‘Em Out!

If you’re not placing your full inventory on the search engines each week, its time to do it. Most dealerships with successful internet sales departments are making sure their inventory is everywhere, including the online classified sites, such as Cars.com and Craigslist, and adding their inventory to all the search engines as well. If you want your internet marketing efforts to succeed, you should do the same. Most dealerships already know this, but the tough part is assigning someone to do it; it can be a bit time consuming each week.
One company that is offering a solution to this dilemma is VinMovers.com. According to their president, Denny Inboden, VinMovers can place a dealer’s inventory on up to 26 search engines quickly and with no pain. You can call Inboden at VinMovers at 877-385-8979. See their ad on the back page of this issue.
Be sure the check out our video article starting on page 20 too. We list a number of great companies that are helping dealers move ahead in the use of video on their sites and in their communication with potential car buyers.
If you are not moving into the realm of using video to sell cars you will get left behind and dealers using video will be stealing your deals. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Video is quickly becoming a bigger and bigger part of people’s lives, especially with the advent of broadband internet and videos sent by cell phone. As consumers become more accustomed to receiving video on their phones and in their emails, online video will become standard and if you’re not using video by then, you might as well still be spending your entire marketing budget on the newspaper.
Think of video as your way to get in front of a customer, face to face, without actually being face to face. Ask any salesperson and they will tell you that they are most effective when they are right in front of the customer. This may be the next best thing and luckily the costs are rapidly decreasing. Super high quality HD video cameras are really inexpensive now and all you need is a little in-house training to use video to sell vehicles.
Video is still new enough that there are still significant advantages for those dealers that start using it today. So act fast or you’ll miss out.



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