Use CRM to Create Customers for Life

Effective customer communication is critical in assisting the sales process. Today’s customers expect prompt communications over a variety of mediums. Whether providing this level of communication for showroom, BDC, or internet, a good CRM company automates the processes so that the customer is always in the loop. Different sales processes allow you to be proactive in maintaining the critical responsiveness to customer inquiries.
CRM companies should enable dealers to communicate and manage the complete sales process on every step from prospecting to closing through phone, email, and campaign management. The steps to a successful customer sale can seem daunting, but with an effective CRM system, communication with your customers is simplified, allowing salespeople to successfully achieve critical sales and higher customer retention.
Most CRM tools effectively do the same thing; however, some do it in a more intuitive and user friendly manner. The salesman can easily manage all customer tasks from one screen. Appointments, leads, email, campaigns, and tasks are readily available to manage your customer base both effectively and personally by your sales staff.
Yes, while most CRMs sport the “standard features” including manager’s views and reports, automated activity/tasks for customer follow-up, emails, and reminders automatically sent to customers, bulk emailing, integrated inventory plus all of the standard reporting, and the ability to print or email custom documents/quotes. Look for one that also provides the ability to manage internet, showroom, and BDC. This makes the system easier to use.
There is no disputing the value of CRM tools, but like all processes, the CRM is only as good as the dealer principal’s commitment to excellence. Dealerships must be committed to success for any CRM system to work for them.
Some CRM companies offer to combine website design, SEO, integrated call recording, and interactive finance lead generation; making them even more effective.
A good CRM system provides the missing piece of your overall puzzle to provide meaningful communication with your customers for the "customer for life" attitude. Integrate CRM into your sales training process to create that positive atmosphere for both customer and sales staff alike.
To make the process work, all you need is a commitment to implement the process in a professional and supportive manner.
Mike Traner is the president of Auto Jockey CRM, Inc. For more information, please visit or call 817-276-0000.



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