Using Dealer Chat to Move Pre-Owned Inventory

For many dealerships, it can be a greater challenge to move the pre-owned inventory than it can be to sell factory-new models. Still, in challenging economic times, there are increasing members of the car buying community looking specifically at pre-owned vehicles. While they may seek to save money, it is crucial for dealers to be ready to connect with these buyers on their terms—just like with a new-car shopper. This is why dealer chat solutions are crucial to converting lookers into buyers.


For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that your dealership isn’t using a chat solution, or isn’t using it to connect buyers to your pre-owned inventory. There are, however, compelling reasons to reconsider that position:


·         Most shoppers begin the search for their next vehicle online. Typically the search starts with a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, or via one of the third-party listing sites. Dealer chat offers customers a very rapid response, that is decidedly better than filling out a form and waiting for someone to get back to them.


·         Shoppers utilize chat as a way to communicate during working hours—when they can’t use the phone for personal use.


·         Online shoppers embrace their perceived anonymity and like to be able to review their options without first disclosing their personal information.


·         Later, in the evenings, shoppers again prefer to use chat to communicate, with a spike in chat sessions between eight and ten PM. Similar peaks are seen on Saturday mornings.


That said, there are also significant benefits for the dealers who choose to adopt a robust chat solution:


·         Websites with chat deliver 25 percent more shoppers to the dealership compared to those without chat.


·         Full-featured chat solutions can offer deep reports and analytics to shed light on items like the keywords used to find your site, the geographic location of the prospect, and the time spent on your site.


·         Choosing the same chat solution for the dealer’s website as they are using on third-party listing services, means that there is just one technology to learn and implement. The same rep can answer chats which may start on Facebook, Craigslist, the dealer’s own website or on one of the third-party sites.


No matter if you’re trying to move new inventories or pre-owned vehicles, the buyer is looking for instant access to information. They expect answers with a click of the mouse. They don’t want to complete forms and wait hours or days for a response.


A comprehensive chat solution allows your staff to directly connect with your hottest prospects while they are looking at your inventory. It gives your customers instant answers to questions and reasons to come in for a test drive. And that allows you to profit from your pre-owned inventories.


Bill Sengstacken is director of marketing at dealer chat provider, Contact At Once!




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