Using Facebook To Find New Customers

If you are looking to expand your customer base, Facebook is a terrific resource for reaching out to the local community and interacting with them in real-time. For a small business, the platform allows you to easily share promotions, run contests, or simply let your fans know what is going on that week at the dealership. To effectively use Facebook for your business, and find new customers in the process, here are the most important things to know.

A Facebook page is a now a necessary part of any online campaign.

Setting Up Your Business Page

Facebook has made it very easy to set up a page for your business. You should start by creating a fan page, this should be entirely separate from any personal pages you already have. (A customer should never have to request to be a part of your page.)

Brand your business page, just as you have your website and business itself. Add your logo, a photo of your dealership, or both.

Begin a campaign to start bringing in more likes, so you can begin bringing in more customers. Start an offer such as ‘Only $500 down if you like our Facebook Page’ or ‘Free Key Chain for every Customer who Likes Us’. This will start getting people engaged, as well as entice them to visit your storefront. This results in additional opportunities to make sales.

A Facebook page will allow you to engage with customers and increase business to your dealership.

Facebook Advertising

After you have set up your business page, you can think about starting your Facebook advertising campaign. This is an effective way to get more targeted likes on your page which will likely also lead to an increase in sales.

Facebook allows you to be highly specific with your target audience and your ad will only be shown to the people who meet your requirements. For example, you could say that your ad should be shown only to people living in Des Moines, Iowa, between the ages of 20-45, who have recently shown an interest in cars.

As soon as your ad is live, Facebook will begin showing your ad to the specified target customers in their newsfeed, along the right-hand side of the page, or both. You will then be able monitor your ad to see the amount of exposure it is getting, the number of clicks, and the number of likes that result once they have clicked over.

Facebook advertising is a great way to get more likes and exposure with your target audience.

New Facebook Algorithm

One thing to note is that Facebook recently changed their algorithms, which has affected many business pages because less people are seeing their posts. A few months ago if you had shared your latest article, “More Americans Taking out Car Loans than ever Before“, a good amount of your fans would have seen it appear in their newsfeed.

Now that Facebook is looking for new ways to make money from businesses, you will need to pay for more exposure. Now when posting the same article, you will need to “boost” it to your audience. For about $5 you can ensure that your article is seen by both your fans, and their friends. Although many businesses have complained about the new algorithm, advertising has never been free, so it does seem a logical move from Facebook’s point of view.

Don’t believe the latest hype that Facebook is dead, marketers and business owners are simply throwing temper tantrums over the latest changes. The number of active members on Facebook is still growing, especially with older users, and it is a market way too large for your business to ignore. If you are ready to attract more customers to your dealership, start utilizing Facebook and put these tips into practice.

Jessica Galbraith is a full-time writer, author of the travel blog The Fly Away American, and a social media aficionado.

Jessica Galbraith


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