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Instagram, the popular photo sharing social media app for mobile devices only, currently has over 80 million users and counting. As a business owner or a marketer, you might wonder what Instagram has to do with you but this is an important marketing tool for promoting your business and its products and services.

Photo based social media sites are extremely popular with people. People love connecting and sharing with others via photos instead of writing. Instagram and sites such as Pinterest allow people to form those connections and post pictures of their favorite things, places to eat, things to do, etc. Instagram takes it a step further by allowing posting to social media sites such as Facebook, Hootsuite and more.

The businesses that jump on the photo sharing bandwagon early in the game have the biggest advantage because they are embracing the future wave of social media. So how do you use Instagram to benefit your business?

Brand promotion

Instagram is a lot like window-shopping on your phone or tablet. You’re reaching out to the consumers who don’t use traditional computers and only use mobile devices, which is a fast growing crowd. Show pictures of your current, upcoming or little known products to get them seen by the public. You’re building brand awareness of you and your products.

Show how it’s made

Consumers are getting increasingly interested in knowing where their products come from and how they are made. You can use Instagram to show both of these things and help to create more interest in your products and services as well as brand or product loyalty.

Get behind the scenes

Don’t show just your products, instead feature pictures of your company making an ad, developing the idea for a product or show off your offices and where you work. Involve your followers in the development process by showing them a new idea and asking what they think. Ask for feedback.

Show products or services in action

Invite your products users to share photos of them using your product or use Instagram to give step-by-step instructions on how to use the products correctly. Do demos. If you run a service company, show pictures of you in action preforming the service or give before and after shots. You can feature special options your products might have or an extra service your company offers that your competitors don’t.

At tradeshows and events

Consumers like to know where you are and what you’re doing. Let them know what events you’re doing so they can come by to meet you and your staff or show them events you sponsor. People connect when they realize you have the same interests they do and believe in what your company is doing.

Introduce your employees

Use Instagram to introduce your employees to your customers. The personal feel allows people to connect with you and your company because they feel like they know you, the company that is building products or offering services they like to use.

Get personal

Connect with others and show off things or interests you or your company likes to do or products and other businesses you support. Of course keep it all in check; this is for your business not your personal life. But by connecting personally, people feel like they can relate with you, which in turns means they can relate to your products and services.

People are busy in their lives. Using Instagram to offer pictures instead of articles or print media that needs to be read gives consumers a chance to experience your products or services with little to no effort. People respond to companies who find ways to make things convenient for them, so let your company be one of those and reap the benefits of embracing photo sharing social media sites.

Jason Bayless is a professional blogger that gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice. He writes for, a nationally recognized comparison website of the best SEO companies in the United States.

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