Using Pinterest to Sell Cars

Just when you thought you had a handle on internet leads and search advertising, along comes social media and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Now Pinterest has burst on the scene and is already the number three social media site in the world. Now what?

Have no fear, Pinterest is just another tool in your toolbox. Pinterest is a visual social network where individuals and businesses can display what interests them in a bulletin board/scrapbook type format. You pin things to your board and others, with like interests, can not only look at your board, but can re-pin items from your board to theirs. The process is just a big giant sharing situation. So how does an auto dealer use this vehicle to benefit their dealership?

First, remember that people love cars. They love new cars, they love old cars…they love cars. But they don’t love sales pitches. And they especially don’t love sales pitches in their social media world. As a dealer, your natural instinct is to pitch the sale of a vehicle—but don’t. Instead, try to interest visitors to your Pinterest board with the wonder of the vehicle itself. Show them all the features and benefits. What is new and unique on this vehicle? Show them in a visual way, with photos. Try featuring photos of new owners standing next to their new vehicle. If your dealership has been around for quite awhile, show some old photos of the dealership in the 50s, 60s or 70s. Car enthusiasts would love to see a car lot full of Pintos or Pacers.

One easy way to properly understand the role of Pinterest and other social media sites is to look at them as publicity, not advertising. You can run all the advertising you want, but it never has the power of one great positive story about your dealership on television or in the newspaper. Think of social media as publicity for your dealership.

With Pinterest, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, if your dealership is involved in any charitable causes, make sure you create a Pinterest board for your activities there. This is not only good PR for your dealership it is also good PR for your charity. Photos of a charity event, fundraiser, race, walk-a-thon, or a photo of the recipients of the funds with you presenting a big check, are all great for your board. Pinterest is an easy way to gain publicity for your dealership.

Brett Stevenson


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