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It’s no surprise that in today’s YouTube world, online video ads now decidedly draw more traffic than static ads, because they combine the power of television’s sight, sound, and motion with the power of a search engine’s ability to speak directly to in-market consumers.

It is important to target online consumers who are looking to buy or service a vehicle right now, in your local market, and maximize your exposure over other competing dealers.
Video SEO promotes a dealer’s brand and message for relevant keyword search phrases to appear on page one of search engine (Google, Yahoo and Bing) results with compelling videos that attract and influence consumers more effectively than traditional text results. These high impact videos are extremely effective as they stand out among the multitude of text ads, influencing consumers, and capturing attention in a way that the static ads simply cannot.

According to a recent BrightRoll survey released in June 2012, 87 percent of advertisers see digital video as equal to or more effective than display advertising and 69 percent feel it’s more effective than social media. Digital video’s effectiveness appears to be driven by its targeting capabilities, with 43 percent of advertisers citing “geo targeting” as digital video’s most valuable aspect.

While using video SEO to dominate search results with positive videos, the process also removes third-party lead providers and competing dealers from the most important page-one rankings. Videos also protect and promote a dealer’s positive reputation so customers looking for a car in your market find videos that educate them about the benefits of doing business with you, along with attractive offers that drive traffic to your website, phone, and showroom. In essence, it is “targeted TV”—delivering relevant videos directly to consumers who are actively searching for the featured vehicle the video is about.

“We currently have five Kiadealerships and this is a very competitive and popular brand in this part of the country. We use Video SEO to help our Kia stores gain more exposure on page one of Google when local customers are actively searching on their computers for a specific model within the Kia line. The more spots our stores have in the search engines, the less our competitors do, which gives us an edge to gain that needed exposure, and with videos that direct the prospective customers to visit our Kia dealers’ websites,” explained Colleen Kellen, director of marketing for the Russ Darrow Group, a Ward’s 100 Mega Dealer, with 19 dealerships in Wisconsin.

The search phrase example shown with this article, “2012 KIA Sorento Madison,” shows Russ Darrow Kia of Madison, Wisconsin (Madison has a population over 232,000 people), which has four videos on page one of this particular Google search, thereby reducing other local competing Kia dealers’ page one presence in the Madison market area. Start using video SEO to increase your exposure to in-market car buyers that are actively searching today!

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