Utilizing Mobile Advertising to Drive Consumers to Dealerships

In the last few years, mobile advertising has become a key channel for advertisers who are trying to reach local consumers, eating into traditional local advertising channels like newspapers, local magazines, and radio budgets. Automotive advertisers in particular are taking advantage of this, as mobile advertising spend in the industry has increased over 200 percent in the last year, and these marketers are making a determined effort to reach local consumers.


In 2009, less than two percent of mobile ad campaigns on our platform leveraged local market targeting, but today, that number is up over 20 percent. Local dealers are one of the key segments who have capitalized on this trend, as increasing foot traffic to dealerships is the top campaign goal for nearly 20 percent of all auto campaigns, and over 40 percent of targeted advertising buys choose to target by local market. When targeting by local market, advertisers can ensure that their ads are only seen in a certain area, ranging from a zip code/DMA, to a pre-determined radius surrounding a particular latitude and longitude, in order to maximize spend and results.


Post Click Actions


For advertisers trying to drive local consumers to a dealership, there are multiple mobile specific “post-click” actions they can use in their campaigns. In Q2 2011, 58 percent of all auto campaigns featured a “dealer/store locator”, and 58 percent of campaigns also featured a “View Map” option. The “dealer locator” allowed consumers to view all nearby dealerships, so even if they are away from home, advertisers can ensure consumers will know exactly how to find their dealership. The “View Map” action allows consumers to see their current location on a map, and it gives users step-by-step directions to the nearest dealership from Google Maps.


Optimized Mobile Sites


The type of automotive content consumers are seeking on mobile devices ranges from the latest sale prices, to information on when they need to come in for a maintenance checkup. If a dealership wants to provide a seamless experience from awareness, to test drive, to service and maintenance—it is essential that they have a mobile optimized site that allows consumers to easily access the information. Most dealers understand that their mobile sites can be a great way to get consumers in the store; in fact 63 percent of all auto campaigns give consumers the option to search a site. This is almost 50 percentage points about the network average, showing that auto advertisers are ahead of the curve in this regard.


Mack McKelvey is the SVP, Millennial Media. The data and insights in this article were taken from Millennial Media’s Mobile Intel Series: Auto. For more information on the mobile auto consumer and the mobile auto ad market, download the full complimentary Millennial Media/comScore report at: www.millennialmedia.com/research/mobile-intel/





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