Vehicle Biographies Get the ‘Sold’ Job Done

Vehicle history reports are powerful selling tools; they help you build confidence in your inventory. Recently though, a new idea has emerged that takes this idea to the next level of confidence building in your pre-owned inventory.

Even more powerful than simple vehicle history reports, vehicle biographies really tell your sales professionals and their customers about the particular vehicle’s former life. For instance, these biographies include:
·         Traditional vehicle history report
·         Automotive magazine editors’ “test drive” reviews
·         Compilation of owner reviews and experiences
·         Complete vehicle specifications, options and accessories
·         Information about the dealership marketing the vehicle
Here’s how to leverage these biographies for maximum sales effect:
1.       Advertising: Mention their availability in any online or print ads. Invite web visitors to download the biographies of the vehicles they’re shopping. Attach them to lead responses for a particular vehicle.
2.       Window stickers: Note their availability on window stickers. If your report provider offers one-owner car logos, put these on your stickers as well as online listings and traditional advertising.
3.       Customer greeting: Retrieve that vehicle’s report from the sales office or download it to review with customers on the lot or at the salesperson’s desk.
4.       Worksheet value-builder: Reference the vehicle’s verified low miles, problem-free history, positive owner reviews, and other genealogical assets during the work up to build value into the vehicle’s selling price.
5.       Be-back builder: Hand it to a customer who walks so it continues to sell as the shopper continues on his or her day.
Vehicle biographies, when presented at strategic points in the selling process, will help your dealership build more confidence in your inventory so more shoppers choose to buy their vehicle of interest from you.
Mike Baker is president of AutoUpLinkUSA energized by AULtec, a leading provider of online vehicle inventory listing and image publishing marketing services. Reach him at or




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