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For this month’s video marketing profile, I interviewed Sean R. Seltzer, whose automotive digital marketing career started back in 1997. His automotive background includes: management positions with increasing seniority with four distinctly different OEMs (Ford Motor Company, Ferrari-Maserati North America, Mercedes Benz USA, and most recently with Volkswagen of America as the Regional marketing manager for the North East Region) as well as management positions with Kelley Blue Book/CDMdata Inc. Sean has helped over a 1000 dealerships implement strategies, as well as providing dealers direction toward new and leading/bleeding edge digital marketing solutions to drive sales, customer retention, improve the customer experience, and in turn improve their respective reputation management. Below is a transcript of our conversation:

Sean R. Seltzer president of Instaquote

AJ-Can you give us a brief overview of your basic marketing strategy and philosophy?

SS-I view each of the dealers I work with as partners, not just clients. I like to create broad dealer specific campaigns that focus across multiple marketing strategies. I never want to see a partner focus on one specific marketing area (e.g. just SEO or just social). In today’s diverse marketing environment I work to ensure my partners cover the majority of bases, without confusing their messaging. It all returns to consistency. All programs need to be measureable. Keep in mind digital marketing is most measureable marketing for all dealers.

AJ-What type of marketing efforts do you feel should be implemented in dealerships on a consistent monthly basis?

SS-Implementation strategies need to be developed to build on one another. I also tell all partners to start with SEO (this includes VSEO),focus on reputation management; build a transactional paid search program, remarketing strategies for both service and sales, and finally social.

AJ-Why is it important for a dealership to have video marketing as part of an overall marketing strategy?

SS-It provides our customer/shopper with the closest ability to “touch and taste” the vehicle or service the dealership offers without being in the showroom or service drive.

AJ-How have you seen video marketing change over the years within dealership advertising strategies?

SS-They have become diversified. Originally you would see very bland pic to vid programs, and now video has become a conquest strategy across all elements of the business (new, used/cpo, service, and reputation management).

AJ-How can a Video SEO strategy impact a dealership’s website visibility on search engines?

SS-One word—visibility. Google loves videos. Consumers love videos. The more clicks on these videos, the higher dealer relevancy, the higher relevancy, the better your SEO program.

AJ-How do you measure the effectiveness of online video strategies?

SS-Simple—The first page of Google. You know your effectiveness when you search for something you are marketing toward, and your videos dominate page one of Google “above the fold.”

AJ-Lastly, what do you think the future holds for automotive dealerships and online video marketing strategies?

SS-Video is going to get more specific, growing deeper into the social environment, and providing different executions for different consumers. Dealers that are not engaged in video will have no choice but to get on board.

Start using video marketing today to help your dealership gain additional exposure online to in-market automotive buyers.

Sean R. Seltzer is the president of Instaquote, He can be reached at 480-323-0600 or email

AJ LeBlanc is the managing partner of and Email aleblanc@dealermark.comfor more information.

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