Video SEO Tactics—Blocking and Tackling

Today’s dealer has a huge responsibility on their shoulders managing an arsenal of vendors and advertising techniques used to compete for sales in their local automotive marketplace. Dealers not utilizing a consistent monthly digital marketing strategy have been left fighting for scraps, or worse, are now out of business. The digital frontier is here and there is no turning back. Staying a master of your craft means to stay educated on what the current trends are to employ in keeping your business successful in the evolving economic marketplace.


A 2011 Automotive Buyer Study done by Polk Data and found that the average time a car buyer spends online doing research before they step one foot onto a lot is around 11 hours. Out of the 11 hours of online research, they spend almost two hoursjust doing internet searches related to their purchase. They are looking for model information, prices, specials, vehicle reviews, vehicle comparisons, dealer’s inventory, incentives, dealer reviews, etc. That’s a lot of searching on the internet.


With roughly 70 percent of car buyers using Google as a search engine for their online car buying research and 98 percent not going past the first page search results, there is one clear objective that can be gleaned from this information—dominate as many spots on the first page of the search results as possible for the products and services you sell in your local market. Dealers employing a complete digital marketing strategy using PPC, micro sites, social media, press releases, websites, SEO, maps, images, and video SEO can statistically increase their page one search results dominance and effectively reduce the amount of first page listings their competition has.


One digital marketing tactic that can quickly and effectively reduce your competition’s first page search results listings is Video SEO (applying SEO practices to online videos). One dealer effectively using Video SEO is Volkswagen of Oakland located in Oakland, the eighth largest city in California. Brent Showalter, digital marketing director, says “We have seen a 10-15 percent increase in leads from our website since implementing Video SEO techniques to our online marketing strategy. Video SEO has boosted our Google rankings and pushed many of our competitors’ websites down in the search rankings. We effectively reduced our dependency on traditional third party lead providers by using Video SEO to increase our online first page search listings.” Below is a screenshot showing Volkswagen of Oakland dominating(arrows are VW of Oakland videos) the first page search results for “VW Jetta Oakland” by using Video SEO tactics to effectively “block and tackle” their competition’s exposure. Start building your first page dominance today by using video SEO to gain that competitive edge over your competition!


first page search results for “VW Jetta Oakland”


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