Want Your Next Sales Event to Tear the Roof Off? Try this!

Live broadcast on the local TV stations…sort of

Regardless of what television market your dealership is in, a live television broadcast is both financially and technically difficult. But the folks at TC Chevy and Butler Ford-Acura, neighboring dealerships in Ashland Oregon, figured out an easy way to make it work. Their ad agency (full disclosure, it’s my ad agency, Stevenson Advertising) suggested they run “Like Live” commercials on the Friday and Saturday of the sale. What are “Like Lives”? They are simply: 30-second commercials, recorded in advance at the dealerships, that look like they are live cut-ins on TV.

In this case, TC Chevy spokesperson, Derek DeBoer and Butler Ford-Acura spokesperson, Shannon Young got on camera on the Wednesday prior to sale weekend and did 20 different cut-ins that were meant to look like they are “live” on TV. The agency purchased ten commercials per day, Friday and Saturday, on all of the four television stations in the market. The spots were shot Wednesday, edited on Thursday, and sent all of the spots to the stations. The stations were given instructions to run them, one after another, on TV. For the taping of the “Friday” commercials, Derek and Shannon wore different clothing than they did for the “Saturday” commercials.

When consumers saw the “Like Live” commercial, they were prompted to visit a landing page with details about the sale.

The net result was that the sale dominated the television stations on the days of the sale and both dealerships had the biggest sales weekend they had experienced in quite a while. The key here is to present timely and urgent commercials in a way that was financially possible for the sale.

Brett Stevenson


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