Ways to Optimize Your Videos for SEO and Online Marketing

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You tube is a popular site for video sharing that attracts millions of people everyday. In fact, every minute hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and more than one billion users visit every month. So, this has become the location where many people turn in order to advertise and share their videos.

If you want to build audience on You tube, you need to do more than just posting the videos. You have to optimize your videos for search engine Optimization which will allow them to found throughout the web. In this article it is discussed about the ways by which you can optimize your YouTube videos:

1. Add a title

The title of video should be such that it attracts the audience. This means that your title must be descriptive and should consist of keywords that are relevant to the video. The more attractive and informative your title is, the more it will be clicked by the users and the more the keywords it contains, the more likely it would be found on the search engines.

2. Add a description

It is important to add the description of your videos because search engines can crawl through the content in your description and use it to rank the videos appropriately for search results. You will not reap any benefits, if you don’t add the description with relevant keywords for your YouTube video.

3. Add tags

Tags are similar to keywords which add snippets and hence add value to searchability. You tube uses the tags to link the videos with one another, so the videos with the similar tags are shown in related videos section. This means that your video has the chances to be placed in related videos section on the page of another user, hence improving SEO.

4. Enable comments

Some users don’t use or enable the YouTube comments due to the fear of being harassed by the strangers, but the reality is that, the comment section can improve your SEO. Comments add the content on your YouTube page and this content is viewed by search engines, which leads to the higher ranking of the video. In other words, the more likes and comments, your video receives, the higher your ranking would be.

5. Link to your video

You should add the links of your video on other websites. This will help you to generate more traffic to your site and thus increasing the number of views. Place the links to your videos on your social media profiles and on your own website. This would help you to spread the word about your video and encourages others to view it. The more your video is viewed, the more it will improve the ranking.

6.Transcribe the content

If you are embedding your YouTube video on website, then you can improve your SEO by transcribing your video. Then, you should place this content with the YouTube video on website. Since search engines don’t have the ability to crawl through videos or images, so this transcription will help the search engines to rank the website that contains your video.

There are numerous ways to optimize the YouTube video, but sooner you implement these ways of optimization, the more successful your video will be.

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