What Does Approved Used Mean?

When looking for a used car, it’s worth considering the many benefits of an approved used seller; this generally relates to a dealership that’s been authorized to be the official seller of a particular brand, with examples including Cooper BMW Dealers. An authorized dealer will generally have a stronger focus than other dealers on ensuring that the used cars they sell are as high quality as possible, and that warranties and after care services are in place for buyers.

Approved used sellers tend to be part of branded franchises that have clear rules over selling used cars. In the case of dealers providing Toyota, BMW, Cooper MINI, and many other car brands, this means selling approved cars that have gone through extensive quality testing, and that are reliable enough to be associated with their brands. These dealers can also guarantee the quality of cars by attaching 12 month and longer warranties, giving drivers more options if something does go wrong with their car.

What, then, are some of the things that an approved used dealership will check? Among the most common features that are inspected before a used car is put out to sale are brake pads, lights, tire tread, and the overall performance and condition of an engine on the road. Approved used dealers also tend to check chassis and vehicle numbers against official records, and will ensure that a car’s not being sold with a history of number plate changes.

Moreover, an approved used car will be supported by warranties that will offer a stronger safety net for buyers than they might find with independent sellers. For example, Cooper BMW dealerships offer approved used schemes that include 12 month warranties, as well as 12 month roadside assistance, and MOT cover for 12 months. Altogether, BMW carry out 120 vehicle checks, and will provide servicing up to about 120,000 miles on a vehicle.

Approved used cars are generally made available with flexible financing and exchange policies, at least compared to other dealers. Insurance and guarantees can be added, and long term financing plans and exchange programs set up so that a driver can get the most out of a vehicle. This guarantee of quality can become one of the defining features of a brand, with Vauxhall’s Network Q representing a high quality system for assessing used cars and maintaining them over time.

It is worth noting, though, some of the drawbacks associated with buying approved used cars. You’ll likely be spending slightly more on an approved used vehicle than you would with one bought independently; this cost is offset, however, by their generally higher quality, and by the breakdown and maintenance cover that you can find through dealerships. In addition, the assurances of cover, maintenance and repairs that an approved used dealership offers can make these kinds of investments worthwhile in the long run.

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