What Happens to Your Leads When Your Salespeople Give Up?

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The internet has dramatically changed both the timeframe and the process of buying a car. Years ago, when life was simple (ha-ha) there was a shortened timeframe for buying a car. The internet, the bad economy, and the sheer number of vehicles have all extended the timeframe for buying to upwards of four months. I’ll bet if you studied your sales staff, you would find that they usually pursue a lead for no more than one month. After your salesperson gives up, the lead often goes on to buy are car…from some other dealership.

Chasing potential car buyers takes an ever-expanding amount of patience for a salesperson. This struggle is intensified by the fact that more leads are coming in every day, but the capacity of the average salesperson (human) to properly handle the number of leads has not changed…even the best salespeople can only properly handle a certain volume of leads.

If your dealership wants to maximize the number of leads that are followed all the way to the sale, you need to increase the capacity of the dealership to handle more leads.

One very expensive way to handle the number of leads is to hire more salespeople. A less expensive alternative is to sign up for AutoFerret.com’s AVA product. In simple terms, the AVA software follows leads much longer than a normal salesperson. When most salespeople will have given up and moved on due to no contact with the old lead, AVA continues on, cheerfully and relentlessly. This leads to closing deals that normally would have been lost, which translates directly to increased sales and increased profits for your bottom line.

Currently, the number of dealers using AVA to follow their leads is increasing rapidly. The folks at AutoFerret.com say the signups for AVA have outstripped all of their other software products.

If increasing the percentage of leads that become car sales is important to your dealership, I recommend you visit the AVA booth at NADA #1315. Or you can check the product out by visiting: www.DealerMarketing.com/AVA.



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