What Shoes, Wine, and Blogging Can Tell You About Your Dealership

Selling shoes online might not seem relevant to your dealership right now, but it will when you learn about the internet marketing success story of Zappos.com, how it has grown to become the largest online shoe store since its launch in 1999, and the key role innovative customer service strategies have played in its success.


Maybe you'd like to know how a family owned-and-operated wine business grew its revenue from $4 million to $60 million in a little over ten years, simply by harnessing the power of social media.


Or perhaps you'll find the advice of the author of one of the most powerful marketing blogs today unparalleled when it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing, and online communications.


As this year's DrivingSales Executive Summit gears up, the list of distinguished guest speakers grows—all experts in their respective fields.


Whether you're a shoe salesman, a wine maven, or a car dealer, there are internet best practices every business owner should know—marketing campaigns that expand businesses into brands, sales strategies that convert shoppers into buyers, and customer service techniques that resolve issues and retain loyalty. The topics covered by these presenters will provide attendees with the necessary skills, knowledge and real-world expertise to enhance their business operations, with a particular focus on digital marketing.


Understanding what these best practices actually are, such as generating effective content, developing an influential social media presence, using innovative multimedia applications to engage and motivate, and analyzing online behaviors to truly understand who your customers are and what your customers want, is essential to not only growing your business but also separating you from the competition.


Beginning October 9, 2011, dealers will converge on the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas to hear Rob Siefker, director of the customer loyalty team at Zappos, discuss the company's innovative customer loyalty approach. Not only has this strategy proven hugely successful at increasing Zappos' gross merchandise sales from millions to over a billion dollars, its fundamentals are sure to be instrumental in helping dealers enhance their own customer retention programs.


Gary Vaynerchuk, video blogger, author, public speaker, and co-owner of Wine Library, will share the story of how he became one of the first people to reach Facebook's friend limit, in addition to accumulating more than 800,000 followers on Twitter—efforts that helped him transform his father's wine business into the large scale retail wine operation it is today.


Marketing expert Aaron Strout will discuss how tactics like blogging, podcasting, and social networking continue to build brand awareness and generate leads for Powered, Inc., an expert social media company where he serves as chief marketing officer.


And Jason Falls, author of SocialMediaExplorer.com and one of the nation's leading authorities in social media marketing, digital marketing, and online communications, will offer expert tips and advice to help dealers improve their overall digital marketing efforts.


Similar to the way in which the internet has opened up a seemingly endless array of information and idea sharing opportunities, this year's DrivingSales Executive Summit promises to do the same—from the experts scheduled to present as well as the automotive retailers slated to attend.


Jared Hamilton is the founder of DrivingSales.com, the world’s largest automotive social network. For more information, visit www.DrivingSales.com.





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