What’s Your Name Worth?

What is the impact of having one negative, or worse, numerous negative reviews, from customers about their experience at your dealership?


We all know that one customer is worth numerous car sales and service visits over a life time, so every customer lost due to a bad review means tens of thousands of lost dollars from your bottom line. Your store’s online reputation, whether positive or negative, can spread like wildfire creating either a wave of car sales and service business, or an exponentially negative amount of lost business, which can take years to regain.  


Today’s car shoppers use research tools to educate and compile more information about the buying process, so they can find the best deal for the car or services they are looking for. Over 90 percent of car shoppers are using search engines to shop for vehicles and looking through other car shoppers comments and reviews about how their car buying or service experience went at your dealership. With 95 percent of car shoppers not going past page one of Google’s search results, it you need to have as much positive exposure on this page as possible. You want the shoppers to see the great experiences other customers have had at your dealership, not numerous listings of unhappy customer reviews from third party sites.


Make sure you own as much of that positive page one Google real estate for your dealership name, as possible, using all the tools available such as social media sites, Google places, press releases, and videos—just to name a few. Even the vendors you use, like finance companies, will Google your name when you’re applying for a loan for a new store, renovations, or expanding your inventory, to see how your business is fairing in the local community, which could impact your ability to repay back the loan you’re seeking.


Google, Yahoo, and Bing switched to universal search in 2007 which combines websites, reviews, maps, images, news, press releases, social media, and videos in the search results. Video has a 41 percent higher click through in the search results than just a static monochrome text link. Make positive videos about your dealership and the products and services you sell and get them on page one of Google to push out any possible negative reviews down in the search results and help control the messaging potential customers see about your business. Below is a screenshot of Marazzi Nissan, ranked consistently in the top 20 of over 1,100 Nissan dealers nationwide, located in Naples Florida and is employing the use of positive videos taking up 40 percent of page one Google, eliminating four possible links that could be unfavorable for potential customers to see. Dominate page one Google, the new Monopoly board.


AJ LeBlanc, is the co-founder of Car-mercial.com and Carbuyersengine.com. For more information, visit www.car-mercial.com and www.carbuyersengine.com.





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