Who Knew Such A Simple Idea Would Yield So Many Vehicle Sales?

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Talking with auto dealers who have signed up with a company called Test Drive Generator can be a surprise. Most dealers say they were a bit skeptical that visitors to their website would actually click on the button to schedule a test drive, but now say they are very pleased. “It’s kind of funny when I talked to them after it has been running for a month or two,” says Test Drive Generator’s John Weberg. According to Weberg, “The dealers are always happy and somewhat amazed that car shoppers will see a car, click on the button, show up for the test drive, and then buy the car. Most of them have not spoken one word with the customer until the customer is climbing in the car for the test drive.” Weberg chuckles, “They say it’s like car shoppers on autopilot…click, drive, buy.”

Test Drive Generator, a small company in Mukilteo, Washington, has been adding their software to dealer’s websites all over the country. “Dealers like it, because it’s inexpensive, and people that book a test drive through the software usually buy the car. “It’s a very high closing ratio…like 60-70 percent” says Weberg.

Although some dealers have tried to create their own test drive scheduling software, it doesn’t often work correctly, and Test Drive Generator has the software and the process dialed in. At about $250 per month, it provides a steady stream of test drive appointments which would make any dealer happy.

For more information on Test Drive Generator, call 877-696-0415, or email info@TestDriveGenerator.com. You can find them online at TestDriveGenerator.com to book an online demo.

Michael Bowen


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