Who Stopped The Sale?—New Book Shows Sales Organizations How to Stop Selling and Start Closing Business

BOSTON, Mass., July 21, 2010 – Richard F. Libin, sales educator, author, consultant, in his new book, Who Stopped the Sale?, shows how salespeople kill sales every day, often without knowing it.  The book, written expressly for sales organizations – including salespeople, managers, business owners, and essentially everyone who talks to or interacts with a customer – asserts that more business will be closed and profits will grow when people stop selling in the traditional sense. The book was released today and is available through https://www.createspace.com/3442725, http://www.amazon.com, or www.whostoppedthesale.com as well as other locations.
“There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than a salesperson who disregards their needs, wants and desires, who tries to push a product or service that just doesn’t fit,” said Richard F. Libin, author of Who Stopped the Sale? “When this happens, salespeople literally stop the sale. They spend all their time turning buyers into shoppers who end up purchasing from the competition.”
In today’s challenging times, a salesperson’s attitude and understanding of their job can make all the difference on whether or not a sale is made. Author Richard Libin shares his more than 30 years of sales, educational and business experience and provides practical strategies for engaging customers, overcoming internal and personal roadblocks to success and learning not to stop the sale. 
Who Stopped the Sale? is a valuable book that is clear and to the point about a salespersons job – to facilitate a sale every time they encounter a prospect. It gives practical wisdom in an easy-to-read format,” said Dr. Richard Levin, founder and principal of Richard Levin & Associates and founder and faculty member of the Executive Leadership Institute.
Who Stopped the Sale? is a practical guide for developing the self-awareness, knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the competitive field of sales.  This book teaches readers how to:
·                     Start helping customers select the right products or services
·                     Stop wasting time by turning buyers into shoppers
·                     Make a decision every day to approach sales from a position of optimism that will create successful outcomes
·                     Communicate effectively and adjust communication strategies to increase rapport and alignment with buyers’ needs, wants and desires
“Great content! Great format!” said Steve Finlay, editor, Wards Dealer Business magazine. “Who Stopped the Sale? is easy-to-use, step-by-step approach from a pro who knows what he’s talking about on the subject of how to sell more and make customers happier at the same time.”
The book provides fresh insights on everything from the attitude salespeople choose to bring to every situation encountered throughout the day, and listening to customers, intently and genuinely, to helping customers find the right solution and treat every opportunity like royalty ensuring a positive experience. For more information visit us on Facebook, Who Stopped the Sale? or at www.whostoppedthesale.com. To request a copy of Richard Libin’s Who Stopped the Sale? or to interview with the author, please contact Phyllis Grabot, 805.341.7269 or phyllis@corridorcomms.com, or Bonnie Quintanilla, 818.681.5777 or bonnie@corridorcomms.com.
About the Author
Richard F. Libin, president of Automotive Profit Builders, Inc. (APB), focuses on ensuring that the management and staff of its clients keep pace with today’s sophisticated and more demanding consumers, while excelling in customer satisfaction. 
For more than 30 years, his beliefs that a business cannot capture a good share of the market simply by having a quality product and that education must be a long-term investment not an expense have been validated by thousands of business leaders and sales professionals. His education and consulting work for improved sales and service performance has helped untold numbers of businesses differentiate their operations, maximize profits, and develop their people.
Mr. Libin is a sought-after author, educator and consultant. He writes regularly for professional publications and speaks at corporations, industry conventions and associations when not conducting classes through APB Sales University. 



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